Brother’s keeper

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I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper. And all the people of the world are my brothers and sisters. This is not a religious conviction with me; it is the result of a logical thought process. In our shrinking and interconnected world, events abroad will quickly or eventually come home to roost.  The effects of famine in Africa, war in the Middle East, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and epidemics in China can be spread quickly by electronic messaging and/or air travel. Terror has no boundaries nor does love and compassion.

Some of us want to return to a simpler time of smaller government, lower taxes and fewer rules and regulations. Those times are gone forever. There are too many of us living too close together for us to forsake big government. Civilization as we know it requires rules and a police force to enforce those rules. The Wild West is gone and rule by the six-gun went with it. We are a civilized society now even if not everyone acknowledges the fact or complies with our rules.

Please see Love thy neighbor