English: Another wet day in Belfast [3] The we...

English: Another wet day in Belfast [3] The weather gods clearly realised that the visit of the ‘QE2’ was quite a momentous occasion to the people of Belfast and decided to mark it with several inches of the wet stuff. The crowds still turned out in droves – we’re used to this you know! See for some more pictures of raindrops and a few of the ship in the background. See also . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The clouds are rolling in
It looks like a change in the weather
Whether it is a change in the weather
Or weather it is a change in the whether
Only the whether gods know
Or is it the weather gods?
No matter, it is raining now.



Global warming

The global warming icon for the ubx.

The global warming icon for the ubx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weather news used to be part of the local news; now it is a feature of the national news. As it is reported in the US, the weather starts on one US border and stops on another. Why do you suppose it is called global warming? Because it is or will affect the entire planet. The recent heavy rains and flooding causing loss of life in Russia were probably connected to global warming, but we will never know because our media does not give us the big picture. I think that it is time to demand that global weather patterns be included with our national weather to further our understanding of what is happening. Understanding is the first step to action.

Please see Mother Nature

Mad dogs

Near where I went to college.

Farm road in Champaign County, Illinois Españo...

Farm road in Champaign County, Illinois Español: Camino de granjas en Champaign County, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. Inhabitants of tropical climates know enough about the weather where they live to accommodate themselves and their activities to the whims of Mother Nature, rather than to ignore her. Only those ignorant of local conditions carry on as though they are still living in a cooler climate.

IMHO football is a cool and cold weather sport. In my youth in the Midwest, football was played in the crisp days of autumn and possibly early winter. Now practice begins in the steamy heat and humidity of high summer and our weather is becoming more severe. Rather than expanding football season earlier in the year and continuing it almost to the beginning of spring training for baseball, we should be thinking about a shorter season so that our youth and young men are not asked to risk their health. Every year some players succumb to the stress of weather and collapse. Let’s be smart about adjusting to changing weather patterns. Mother Nature has been here much longer than we have. We must adjust to her whims since she will not adjust to us.