Gloves on his hands
Dressed all in black
With presidential hair
He rides into town
On his dancing horse, Bain-Cap.

Vote for me, he says
I want to be your next
Great white father in Washington, DC
The voters distrust his words
He speaks with a forked tongue
Say the media save

On election day
The voters agree
Mittens is rejected
He is shocked and awed.

Before leaving town
To return to obscurity
He phones his donors
Blaming them for being outspent
President O promised more
Than billionaires possessed.

Now muttering under his breath
Mittens mounts up
And Bain-Cap dances into the sunset
Carrying George’s son to his well-deserved fate

Tom Coburn v. Grover Norquist

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OK).

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OK). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma, has decided to challenge Grover Norquist‘s dictation to the GOP insisting on a no tax increase pledge. It’s about time that someone in the GOP stood up to Norquist who has never been elected to an office in Washington, DC. Coburn has pledged not to run for re-election in 2016 so he feels free to defy TEA Party and big money donor wrath. I wish that more members of Congress would stand up for what is right. The interests of the country are more important than individual careers.


The Willard Hotel The Willard InterContinental...

The Willard Hotel The Willard InterContinental in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Willard is a famous name in history. The Willard Hotel opened in Washington, DC, in 1818. Many famous people have stayed there including Abraham Lincoln when he arrived in Washington for his inauguration in 1861. J. Willard Marriott was the founder of Marriott Hotels, and it is believed that Willard Mitt Romney is named for him. George Romney and J. Willard were friends. There is a small town north of Salt Lake City named Willard near where George Romney’s ancestors settled, and there is a nearby Willard Bay of the great Salt Lake.

Where are the GOP leaders?

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I see it, the problems in Washington, DC, and around the country can be traced to a lack of leadership in the GOP. Neither Boehner nor McConnell are showing any leadership qualities. And whatever virtues Mitt Romney possesses, leadership is not among them. That leaves leadership in the GOP to the unelected like Grover Norquist. And his leadership is limited to the no tax increase pledge. The GOP are not leading; they are reacting to Barack Obama’s initiatives. Everything he proposes, they oppose.

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GOP strategy

US Presidential Elections Dem GOP

US Presidential Elections Dem GOP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually a political party crafts a winning strategy by adopting policies that appeal to 50% + 1 of the electorate. This year the GOP is appealing only to its base which is a minority of the electorate. They plan to win in November by preventing voters likely to vote for the other party from casting a ballot. If the election is close, they will try to steal it. In order to defeat the GOP strategy, we must work harder than in 2008. We must register new voters, help them get to the polls, vote early if possible and volunteer as poll watchers. This election is too important to allow the GOP to regain power in Washington, DC.