An eye for an eye

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapon...

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. Parties of the Chemical weapons Convention Parties which have declared chemical weapon stockpiles and/or have known chemical weapon facilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If Syria used chemical weapons on its people, then the Syrian rebels are justified in using chemical weapons to defend themselves, and the US will supply them from our vast stockpiles of chemical weapons.”

Actually I believe that we should stay out of another conflict in the Middle-East. Syria’s allies, Russia and Iran, could make the war a regional one, endangering the world’s supply of oil.

Gun deaths in America

American Broadcasting Company

American Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t watched This Week on ABC on Sunday morning in quite a while. If I remember correctly, they had a roll call honoring American dead in Iraq each week listing those who died in a seven-day period. The number of fallen usually numbered between 20 and 30. Just imagine if the daily network news were required to list the names and ages of the 100 or so American who die each day here in the peaceful USA. Quite a contrast with war-torn Iraq or Afghanistan. Probably safer to be an American over there than here in the US. Please think about it.

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