Facebook spell checker

Facebook spell checker (Photo credit: murkmad)

The way to grow your vocabulary is to look up the meaning and spelling of words that are new to you. I recently added three new words: simony, squinch (invented in Iran), and ligature (having to do with fonts). I’ll not define them here; if you are interested in learning, look them up. You’ll remember them better that way.

I think that spell checkers are generally a good thing in that they catch my careless errors and they make much of the web easier to read. Spell checkers are often poor on grammar; they ensure that the wrong choice of words is correctly spelled. I see “reign” and “rein” frequently misused on blogs criticizing the President. And spell checkers are not as good as a dictionary as learning tools. I often use Google for spelling and definitions, but I prefer Encarta Dictionary tools because it also pronounces the word out loud. There is no need to struggle with phonetics.