“I am not a crook”

Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the U...

Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Famous words of President Richard Nixon in a speech to the nation before he resigned under the threat of impeachment. If the media then were like the media now, they would have accepted his words and stopped pursing the truth of Watergate, just shrugging their shoulders and saying that there was a difference of opinion. Nixon would have remained in office until the end of his term in January, 1977, and Gerald Ford would have remained Vice President.

If someone in a crowded theater yells “Fire” and people are injured or trampled to death while fleeing and there is no fire, the one person yelling “Fire” was just expressing a difference of opinion and/or was mistaken. The media have a responsibility to determine and report the truth, even though Chuck Todd contends that as a reporter, it is not his job. Reporting what different sides say is much easier than trying to determine the facts and the truth. In climate change, if 999 scientists say that climate change is real and likely caused, in part, by man, and one scientist disagrees, current media are likely to report both sides and say that there is disagreement. We, the voting public, are not well served by today’s media


English: Black and white torso-length photogra...

English: Black and white torso-length photographic portrait of Schuyler Colfax, U.S. Grant’s running mate for his first term as president of the U.S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The media is starting to get excited about Mitt’s choice of a running mate. It is the only unknown remaining in the campaign until the votes are counted. None of the names mentioned so far will be good for the country, with some worse than others. It really does not matter who Mitt selects if he loses; in five years no one will be able to remember who Mitt selected and in ten years, no one will remember that Mitt ran and lost to Barack.


Vice presidential seal

Vice presidential seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The position of Vice President of the US is too important to leave the choice to one person, the presidential candidate. The vice presidential candidate, whether elected or not as vice president, has a huge advantage over other candidates for president in subsequent elections. Therefore, I believe that the voters should have a direct say in the selection of vice presidential candidates, perhaps during the presidential primaries.