Wild cards

Bicycle brand playing cards, showing one of ea...

Bicycle brand playing cards, showing one of each type plus the joker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pay no attention to current polls nor to pundits.  I have listed below some of the wild cards that may influence the November election:

  1. Iran develops a nuclear device.
  2. Israel attacks Iran.
  3. Al-Qaeda attacks US soil again.
  4. Spain or Italy leaves the Euro currency.
  5. Japan permanently abandons Tokyo because of increased radiation levels.
  6. Mother nature produces rash of tornadoes and hurricanes.
  7. Supreme Court rules on Obamacare.

I am sure that there are other wild cards that I don’t know about that should be added to the list. The results in November are likely to fall in one of these three categories:

  1. Democratic sweep leading to faster recovery from Great Recession.
  2. Divided government causing slow recovery from Great Recession to continue.
  3. Republican sweep leading to Paul Ryan budget and the Great Depression 2.

Obamacare and the Supreme Court

Old Supreme Court chamber viewed from South.

Old Supreme Court chamber viewed from South. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In June, the US Supreme Court will rule on the fate on Obamacare. On D-day, the 6th of June, Scott Walker of Wisconsin will probably be recalled. When I lived in California, I voted to recall Grey Davis. It was obvious to me which way that election would go. It is not obvious to me how either the Wisconsin election or the Supreme Court ruling will be decided. Therefore, I will not engage in speculation nor will I bother with all the blather on TV and in print by the pundits. I will wait for the voters and the Court to decide.

Healthcare in America

This is a succinct article on healthcare and healthcare insurance in America today. As the Supreme Court mulls Obamacare, I ask that you read it and consider how it could affect you and your loved ones.