Ron Paul

Cover of "The Revolution: A Manifesto"

Cover of The Revolution: A Manifesto

I have listened to Ron Paul speak and I have read his book, The Revolution. Some of what he says makes a lot of sense and some does not. I do not think that he will be the Republican nominee for president in 2012, but I respect his courage in speaking his mind, no matter who are his critics or how influential they are.

If he is not the GOP nominee, I would encourage Paul to run as a third party candidate. In fact, if the TEA Party captures the GOP nomination, I would encourage a responsible conservative to run in addition to Ron Paul and the official GOP candidate. That would make it a 4-candidate race, and Lincoln won his first term in 1860 in a 4-party race. Barack’s current approval rating is about 30%, but I expect it to improve as we approach November, 2012. However, he could win at 30% in a 4-candidate race and the official GOP candidate could easily finish last.

A modest proposal

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I have borrowed the title and the satire of this message from Jonathan Swift; the ideas expressed are my own.

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson decided to make the Louisiana Purchase even though he believed the action to be unconstitutional. We paid France $15 million for what is now the middle third of the country. Much of the rest of the country was gained through wars of aggression against Spain, Great Britain, Canada and native tribes. So according to Jefferson, wars of aggression were constitutional, but peaceful purchases were not.

To be in agreement with Jefferson’s views, let us sell the Louisiana Purchase back to France. It would split the country in two separate pieces, but there is the modern example of Pakistan which later became Pakistan and Bangladesh. I would set the asking price at $15 trillion to allow for 207 years of inflation and accumulated interest plus the improvements we have made. If France agrees to the asking price, we can completely pay off the national debt of $13 trillion plus change and have a surplus of $1-$2 trillion. France probably doesn’t have $15 trillion available, but we can allow installment payments. If necessary, France could borrow the down payment from China.

If that proposal is too radical a solution to our money problems, perhaps selling off a later acquisition, Seward’s folly, Alaska, would fit the bill. Purchased in 1867 for the modest sum of $7.2 million, I think modern day Russia would be interested because of all of Alaska’s natural resources. If we open the bidding to all comers, I think that Japan would also be interested. Perhaps Saudi Arabia would bid to acquire a summer retreat for their royal family to escape the heat. If al-Qaeda is successful in deposing the Saudi royal family, Alaska could become their permanent new home.

Chicago is

Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza, Chicago, IL, USA

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I have been thinking about Chicago recently for two reasons; the Daley dynasty is ending and my son has been offered a job there on the near Northside. The Daley’s, father and son, reigned in Chicago for most of my life; an era is ending. Chicago is known as “the city that works.” The Daley’s got things done. Business leaders liked that even though democracy suffered. The other modern city with a similar reputation is Singapore, another city-state with one person rule. Businessmen and women like Singapore because it is clean and orderly. Democracy can be messy and it is the citizens of Singapore who give up some of their rights, not the business people who fly in and out to make deals and money. Chicago resembles Singapore; at least it did when I was a resident of Chicago. My knowledge of Singapore is limited to what I have read.

In the 2008 election, we heard much about how bad Chicago politics and politicians were and that was applied to Barack Obama. I am sure that we will hear the same things and more said again in the 2012 election. Guilt by association. When I lived in the Republican suburbs around Chicago, it was said that the dead voted in Chicago and the living voted more than once. Some of that was probably true. I don’t think that business leaders in Chicago care that Chicago is a one party city; they care only that Chicago caters to business. Republicans complain about the woeful state of democracy in the city, bemoaning the fact that it has been a one party city for so long. I believe that what sparks their indignation more is not that it is a one party city as much as the fact that it is a Democratic administration, not a Republican one.

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I am not a Marxist

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

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I am not a Marxist.
Barack is not one too.
Call us socialists if you will
Labels do not matter
To those who care
Or to those who care to think.
To a good Christian or Muslim
Charity is a necessity.
Fairness, not charity, is what we seek
Putting the needy before the greedy
Is our program and our creed
Doing right for the many
Not right for the Right few
It is time to put our differences
To the side and be done
The Founding Fathers gave us more than they received
Let us emulate their vision and their wisdom
We can/must advance the cause of freedom and equality
Both here and abroad
Let us lead by example
Not by force and bluster
We can make the US number one again
In the hearts of all mankind.

Barack Obama

Honolulu and Waikiki from top of Diamond Head.

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Born in Hawaii
Of parents disparate
Educated here and abroad
Hawaii, Indonesia, California,
New York and Massachusetts
He worked in the heartland
He organized with a heart
Then he declared his intent
To serve a greater community
Thus he serves us all today
Will his service be rewarded with success?
Only time and tide and you and I will decide.

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