No surprise

The Big Lies

The Big Lies (Photo credit:

It should be no surprise that the Republicans are lying about themselves now; they have lied about President Obama these past four years and paid no penalty. If the Big Lie technique worked before, why not use it now? They expect to get away with it at least through election day.

The media have a special place in our system under the first amendment of the US Constitution. It is their responsibilty to present at least two sides of every question to the voters so that the voters can weigh the evidence and make informed decisions. The Founding Fathers believed that in the contest of ideas, citizens would be best served by competing ideas. Voters have a duty in our democracy to inform themselves and make educated decisions. With one side (the GOP) consistently lying, the truth is often hard to determine.

In today’s political world, presenting two sides to an argument, one Democratic and one Republican, is difficult if one side is telling the truth and the other side is consistently lying. My suggestion is that the media seek out members of the GOP, either retired or retiring like Tom Coburn, who are willing to tell the truth. If no truth-telling Republicans can be found, then I suggest that the media adopt the Clint Eastwood method and represent the GOP with an empty chair.

To keep and merit their special status in our democracy, the media must do more to expose political lies by either side. If the media adopt the Eastwood method, then GOP lies will be restricted to paid commercials and FOX News.

Shame on you, Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Dave Camp (R-Michigan)

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Dave Camp (R-Michigan) (Photo credit: Michael.Jolley)

Orrin Hatch, echoing Mitch McConnell, has just blamed Barack Obama for obstructionism. I had hoped that Hatch would retire this year, and I was prepared to vote against him at the local caucus. That question was never put before the caucus attendees, but I had a chance to vote on Hatch during the runoff election. However, I voted for Orrin, reluctantly, because I did not want Utah represented by two TEA Party Senators. I will vote for his Democratic opponent in November, but Hatch is almost certain to be re-elected. This should be Hatch’s last term and I had some hope that he would begin to speak and vote his own mind, as Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is beginning to do. No such luck.

Tom Coburn v. Grover Norquist

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OK).

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OK). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma, has decided to challenge Grover Norquist‘s dictation to the GOP insisting on a no tax increase pledge. It’s about time that someone in the GOP stood up to Norquist who has never been elected to an office in Washington, DC. Coburn has pledged not to run for re-election in 2016 so he feels free to defy TEA Party and big money donor wrath. I wish that more members of Congress would stand up for what is right. The interests of the country are more important than individual careers.