None of the above


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I lay awake last night trying to decide who the GOP would nominate to be their presidential candidate in 2012. Would they nominate someone who could win the election against Barack or would the quest for ideological purity lead to the nomination of a TEA Party favorite? I decided that none of the above would be their best bet for the following reasons. The GOP should just concede the election by not nominating either a presidential or vice-presidential candidate. Barack is going to be re-elected anyway, and the GOP can save millions of dollars by not competing. In addition, if Barack is a shoo-in, fewer Democratic and independent voters may vote in November, 2012, making it easier for the GOP candidates to win down-ticket elections. Therefore, my recommendation to the Republican Party is to select none of the above candidates for president. Your election prospects will be better if you do not challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Start planning now for 2016.