Airline fares

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: RobertCiavarro)

My wife is flying around the continent today trying to reach home in Utah from Thunder Bay, Ontario which is the Canadian Midwest. To get a cheap fare, she was compelled to fly to Toronto and then to Newark, New Jersey on her way to Las Vegas, Nevada. From Las Vegas she will ride a shuttle bus 120 miles to Saint George.

To me this makes no sense at all. My understanding is that the major cost of flying is the fuel cost. Why should an airline or a nation expend more fuel to fly more miles to offer a lower fare? No sense at all. Airlines should be required to offer fares directly proportional to the miles flown. It would have been much more convenient for my wife to fly from our brand-new airport in Saint George to Salt Lake City or Denver and then directly to Minneapolis and/or Thunder Bay. We as a nation are wasting fuel with the present system as well as the time and convenience of our citizens.