It’s a small world

Albert Einstein

Image by mansionwb via Flickr

No, I am not referring to the movie or the song or the Disney attraction. I am referring to the fact that there are more connections among the six billion human inhabitants of earth than many of us are aware of. It is possible to learn how we are connected together by using our eyes and our ears, our learning organs, to listen to each other and read what they have written. We use our mouths to communicate with each other, but we learn with our eyes and ears, which are physically closer to our brains than our mouths are.

When I worked at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California, I liked to describe Santa Barbara as the crossroads of the world and Cottage Hospital as the crossroads of Santa Barbara. That was true to a degree, but it is possible to find connections throughout the world through other people no matter where you live; just ask questions and be willing to listen.

Albert Einstein is a personal hero of mine. While working at the Hospital, I met a man who had shared an office with Einstein at Princeton University. It was a thrill. In 1991, while studying to become an x-ray tech, I met a retired doctor who had met Wilhelm Rontgen, the discoverer of the x-ray. One of my x-ray instructors was from Detroit. As a child, she had met Henry Ford at Greenfield Village and of course he had been a close friend of Thomas Edison. During my life, I have met many rich and famous people and many more who were not. Most all of them had an interesting story to tell if I had the time and patience to listen. All of us share a joint humanity. Please don’t ignore those who may be different. You will be surprised at the links that connect us to each other if you will open your heart and mind.
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