Ambassador Romney?

English: Cayman Islands National Museum in Geo...

English: Cayman Islands National Museum in George Town, Grand Cayman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Mitt were to decide to join the Obama administration, I think that he would make a good ambassador to the Cayman Islands, or to Switzerland. There he would be close to his money. Or like Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. before him, he could be ambassador to China although he does not speak the language. He could visit all the jobs that he has sent there.

His father George was a member of the Nixon cabinet during Nixon’s first term as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Although he criticized the idea during the campaign, Mitt could serve the country as our first Secretary of Business.

Alea jacta est

English: CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Commi...

English: CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee Mitt Romney offering remarks before a curling event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which Mitt Romney will show up tonight?
Will it be the severely conservative Mitt or the moderate Mitt?
Mitt Romney, man of a thousand faces and ten thousand disguises.

In God, we trust. All others, including Mitt Romney, must pay cash. And he has plenty of that in the Caymans and Switzerland and who knows where else.

Tonight, alea jacta est. The die will be cast.

Mitt believes in climate change

Mitt for a third world America

Mitt for a third world America (Photo credit: JonMartinTravelPhotography)

Mitt Romney believes in climate change and that the oceans will rise. That is why he has moved his money from sea level in the Cayman Islands to the mountain heights of Switzerland. People living in low-lying areas are at risk, but Mitt’s money is safe. That’s what matters to Mitt.

Who is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who is Mitt Romney
That all the swains adore
And all the fans of Ayn Rand abhor?
Who is Mitt Romney?
Mitt’s a looter and moocher both
With assets hidden from
Cayman shores to Switzerland and beyond
Who is Mitt Romney?
Author of Romneycare,
Moderate governor of liberal Massachusetts
Raiser of fees extraordinary
Who is Mitt Romney?
Exporter of jobs
Destroyer of KB Toys
Who is Mitt Romney?
Only his tax preparer knows for sure
Who Mitt Romney is.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Earth polar projection

The most useful human learning tool is the question. Children naturally use it constantly at a certain age to query adults. Later in life students and adults learn by asking questions. The internet is the most recent invention that allows us to ask questions and get answers. For some of us, it has replaced books and libraries. One application on the internet that I find to be especially useful is Google Earth. Whenever I encounter a geographical term in my reading or elsewhere, I like to visit it on Google Earth. I have activated the “Photos” layer so that most inhabited places have dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures uploaded by private citizens. There are fewer pictures in places where the population is very poor or forbidden by their government to use the internet.

Some examples of my recent use. I am currently reading Ashenden by Somerset Maugham which takes place partially in Switzerland, which I have never visited in person. After viewing Lake Geneva and its environs on Google Earth, I feel more connected to the story.
Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) with Jet d'Eau, Geneva...

Joseph Conrad began his maritime career in Marseille, France which is the principal setting for The Arrow of Gold. The Rover takes place mostly on a peninsula east of Marseille between Toulon and Hyeres. Several of Conrad’s stories take place among and between the many islands of Indonesia and the Philippines. All the information is more vivid and more easily retained if I am able to associate it with the information I can find using Google Earth

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