3 scenarios for 2012

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There are three possible scenarios going forward this year in which huge sums of campaign cash are being spent to influence the vote: a likely scenario, an optimistic scenario and a pessimistic one, IMHO. Let us start with the

Likely scenario

In my judgment, it is likely that Barack will be re-elected and that the GOP/Tea Party will continue to have enough members in the House and Senate to continue their obstruction. In other words, two more years of what we have now, stalemate. A difficult economy and wads of corporate and 1% cash will be enough to blunt the American’s voters desire for progress.

Optimistic scenario

President Obama is re-elected and the Democrats retake control of Congress and eliminate the possibility of filibusters in the Senate. At last, our problems will be addressed and our long national nightmare will be on its way into history. At this time, there is no way to predict how likely this is to happen, thanks to the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court unleashing a flood of campaign cash.

Pessimistic scenario

In Flashback, Dan Simmons paints a dismal picture of the US twenty years in the future. The US is bankrupt and partially dismembered with some northern states now part of Canada and the American Southwest occupied by a massive invasion from Mexico. He blames all of this on Barack Obama, but not by name. I think that this dismal US future is more likely if we elect Mitt Romney or some other GOP candidate. To avoid this future in my opinion, we must demand better information from the media, and we must ensure more competitive Congressional districts.

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Money Talks


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Money Talks and BS Walks is the working title of a proposed docu-drama about the effects of the Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court. The producers have their eye on Mitt Romney to play the part of Money because not only does he look presidential, he also looks like Money and he also talks like it. The part of BS has not yet been cast, but there are so many who could play this part  in the film. The question is who will be willing to work for a minimum wage? The script is still being edited and refined. I am sure that the final version will include Money’s famous line, “Of course, corporations too are people. Some of my best friends are corporations.”

The film will be released either at Christmas 2012, or in the summer of 2013, depending on Mitt Romney’s availability and the ability to find financing for what is likely to be a controversial film. Perhaps Michael Moore could be persuaded to direct or invest.

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Citizens United

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I suppose the Citizens United decision that corporations are people was inevitable. The Supreme Court was simply confirming the trend that started in the world of sports. Going all the way back to the Roman Empire, when sports arenas were named for people, such as the Colosseum named after Brutus Colosseum, sports arenas and events were named for people. That was certainly true in Chicago with Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park. Now all modern sports arenas are named for their corporate sponsors as are major sporting events. Here in Utah, the Delta Center in Salt Lake City changed sponsors and is now know as the EnergySolutions Arena. I think that Delta Center was much easier to remember, and it certainly required less typing.


Smedley Butler

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Pakistan is a democracy with a difference. Not only does their national government alternate between civilian and military control, their political parties are lead by family dynasties. Here in the US, all our governments have been civilian, so far, and our political dynasties are not yet as firmly entrenched as they are in Pakistan. India also was ruled by a dynasty, the Nehru dynasty, until recently. The US almost suffered a coup by the military in 1934-5, but General Smedley Butler, chosen by Wall Street to replace FDR, would not participate.

We have a two party system here in the US with two family dynasties maneuvering to exert and maintain control. There is the Bush-Republican Party and the Kennedy-Democratic Party, each led by a patriarch or sometimes a matriarch like Indira Gandhi or Benazir Bhutto. Interesting enough, both matriarchs were assassinated. Before his death, the patriarch of the Kennedy family, Ted Kennedy, handed off leadership temporarily to Barack Obama.

Dynasties are the inevitable result of great concentrations of wealth. According to former Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, you can have democracy or you can have great concentrations of wealth, but not both at the same time. That is the reason the Bush-Republican Party wants to eliminate the estate (death) tax, to maintain the dynasty’s grip on our politics.

It is not too late to stop our drift toward rule by dynasties, rather than true democracy. However, we are close to rule by dynasties and getting closer day by day. The Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court is quickly bringing that day closer. To stop that drift, we must unite to oppose dynastic rule by the wealthiest among us and their supporters, the one percent who place their interests ahead of the national interest.