Falling gas prices

On November 17, gas prices had dropped to $1.9...

On November 17, gas prices had dropped to $1.99 in Bakersfield, California, due to falling Oil prices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Falling gas prices are a temporary blessing. The real story in falling gas prices is that they indicate a weakening global economy. The citizens of Greece, Spain and elsewhere are tightening their belts and buying less gas and the products that require petroleum to manufacture and transport. Falling gas prices are not good news. Pass the word.

McCain and Bain

Members of the christening party for the guide...

Members of the christening party for the guided missile destroyer JOHN S. MCCAIN (DDG-56) pose for a photograph after the launching at the Bath Iron Works shipyard. They are from left to right: Sen. John McCain; Mrs. Roberta McCain; Sidney McCain; Meghan McCain, maid of honor; and Cindy McCain, sponsor and wife of Sen. McCain. Location: BATH, MAINE (ME) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s so sad that John McCain didn’t work for Bain while Mitt did. There would have been so many rhyming opportunities.

like their Spanish branch:

The Bain in Spain
Stays mainly in the plain
The Bain in Spain
In Spain, in Spain
The Bain in Spain
Stays mainly in the plain.
And who worked for
the Bain in Spain?
In Spain, in Spain?
McCain, McCain.

It’s the economy

The highway to the Tbilisi International renam...

The highway to the Tbilisi International renamed GW Bush Street (Photo credit: farflungistan)

The economy in Spain is so bad that it’s really a depression, not a recession, and that will affect the others members of the Euro club and eventually the US. The GOP is betting that this year’s election in November will hinge on the economy getting worse before the vote. And they will do everything in their power to make it happen. Barack won in 2008 because the Great Recession was evident to all voters during the final months of the GW Bush presidency. Look for a repeat this fall if Mitt’s friends and supporters have their way.

Wild cards

Bicycle brand playing cards, showing one of ea...

Bicycle brand playing cards, showing one of each type plus the joker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pay no attention to current polls nor to pundits.  I have listed below some of the wild cards that may influence the November election:

  1. Iran develops a nuclear device.
  2. Israel attacks Iran.
  3. Al-Qaeda attacks US soil again.
  4. Spain or Italy leaves the Euro currency.
  5. Japan permanently abandons Tokyo because of increased radiation levels.
  6. Mother nature produces rash of tornadoes and hurricanes.
  7. Supreme Court rules on Obamacare.

I am sure that there are other wild cards that I don’t know about that should be added to the list. The results in November are likely to fall in one of these three categories:

  1. Democratic sweep leading to faster recovery from Great Recession.
  2. Divided government causing slow recovery from Great Recession to continue.
  3. Republican sweep leading to Paul Ryan budget and the Great Depression 2.