Great Depression 2

President Barack Obama speaks at the Departmen...

President Barack Obama speaks at the Department of Energy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The GOP plan A to return to power and defeat Obama was to oppose everything the President proposed and to slow recovery from the Great Recession as long as possible. That did not work, and Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. Now the GOP have instituted plan B, shut down the government and skirt the cliff of default, which gone over may result in the Great Depression 2. If President Obama is forced to invoke the 14th amendment to the Constitution to avoid default, that will afford the GOP in the House an opportunity to impeach him. That will prevent any action on the Obama agenda until November 2014. The GOP effort already exists witness the email I received this morning from a TEA Party chapter in Southern California. – Subscribe free
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Please forward to fellow patriots
Overpass Impeach Obama Rally/Protest 4 P.M.
Just found out about this one
               That are Standing Up For
              ALL Of Us and For America
                Sunday, Oct 13th at 4:00 PM
Woodland Hills 101 OverPass By Fallbrook Ave.
Ventura Blvd West-Left on Fallbrook-1 Half block south of Ventura Blvd-Make a Right-1 block West of Fallbrook-
It is on Del Valle St. in the 22800 block-large cul de sac at the end of block-It a pedestrian overpass from Del Valle to Ave San Luis over the 101
Gene’s phone # is 818-993-4730  
    See All You Patriots There!!!!!!! Gene 
OVERPASS IMPEACH OBUMMER RALLY- Sunday 10-13 4 PM, 101 Near Fallbrook Exit

Bring signs- we have some, flags, outrage

Regards, Steering Committee- 


The Sean Hannity Show

The Sean Hannity Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What do Sean Hannity and Barack Obama have in common? Both were born in 1961 with an Irish background. Both attended college in Southern California, Hannity dropped out of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Barack Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University in New York. Both men are married with two children and both stand about six feet tall. Both are Christians. Taxpayers pay Barack $400 thousand to lead the nation; FOX pays Sean ten times that amount to mislead the nation. Taxpayers are getting a much better deal.

Games I play

The land in and around St. George is naturally...

The land in and around St. George is naturally a vivid red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often drive between Saint George, Utah, and Southern California. On the return drive, the temperature in summer often starts in the 60s in Southern California and mounts to 105 to 110 degrees F. in Saint George.  I like to see how closely I can match my speed to the temperature on the drive. I call the game “driving the temperature,” and I usually must stop around 85 miles per hour which happens in the morning not far from Barstow. Today I went grocery shopping with the temperature at 98 degrees F. I spent $94.00 and now I have a new game I call “shopping the temperature.”

Drive right, drive defensively

Southern California freeways

Southern California freeways (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drive right

California drivers are usually excellent drivers, but in moderate traffic they tend not to drive in the right hand lane. This is especially true when there are three or more lanes to choose from. On a recent trip to Southern California, I experienced the usual occasional congestion caused by slower drivers in the left lane. The slower drivers may think that they are driving safely and legally, but they cause frustration and unsafe behavior by some of the drivers following them. At times like that, I enjoy driving in the right lane because there are so few other vehicles there. It is almost like having a private freeway lane devoted only to me. To let drivers to my left know that they are driving in the wrong lane, I like to accelerate as I pass them to their right. If I can pass on their right at the same time as someone else passes them on their left, the effect is as if they are going backward. Some drivers get the message and move to a slower lane; most do not.

Drive defensively

When I taught my son to drive, I emphasized defensive driving. I tried to teach him to watch the other drivers and attempt to predict what they were going to do. Watch their heads and their front wheels since so many fail to use their signals. If he could not predict what the other driver might do, I urged my son to get away from the other driver. An unpredictable driver is a potential danger to others. This is true for anyone who uses a road or highway: motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists or even pedestrians alongside the road. Practice defensive driving or walking for your safety sake.

Mother Nature

Cover of "Forty Signs of Rain"

Cover of "Fifty Degrees Below"
Cover of "Sixty Days and Counting"
Apparently we are entering a transition period in earth’s climate, going from a period of stability to a period of greater variation. We won’t really know for a few more years. It is much easier to predict the past than the future.

Polar ice is melting and oceans are rising. A rise of three feet will inundate many coastal cities and force millions to move or adapt. If all the ice in Greenland and Antarctica were to melt, the oceans might rise as much as 200 feet, completely destroying civilization as we know it.

Our civilization is a very fragile construct of many delicate systems that depend on each other to function. For example, our nation’s power grid cannot withstand high winds that topple trees on power lines. As storms become stronger and more frequent, it will become harder and more expensive to keep the power grid functioning as we have become accustomed.

For a look at what the near future may hold for all of us, I suggest an easy read in Kim Stanley Robinson‘s trilogy, Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below, and Sixty Days and Counting, about climate change. Set mostly in Washington, DC, and Southern California, the books detail the effects of colder winters and hotter summers and how the US may struggle to cope. That future will be a much harsher environment for human survival than the present.