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Monopoly, the game, exists in many varying editions, and in 2011 many additional 75th anniversary editions are being offered. Monopoly first appeared in 1935 in the depths of the Great Depression and now we are trembling on the brink of the Great Depression 2. It is a fitting time to play the updated version of the game as we wait for the economy to decide our respective fates. The GOP are courting disaster as they maneuver to defeat President Obama, at the same time as the European Union risks unraveling by doing little or nothing to preserve itself. Either or both acting in combination would be sufficient to cause the economy to crater.

The very latest version of Monopoly comes with a round board in place of the usual square one. Values on the board have been updated by multiplying by a factor of 10,000; you collect $2 million for passing Go instead of $200. Paper money is replaced by an electronic scorekeeper eliminating the tedious job of banker. Increasing all the values in the game by a factor of 10,000, incomes and prices, makes me think of the countries that have experienced hyperinflation: Argentina, post-WW1Germany,Zimbabwe and others in Africa and South America. We are not there yet, but the stalemate in Washington is not helping matters.

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Socialism is a term used by many today to express their opposition to many different proposals. The favorite term used to be communism but you don’t hear that used as much today since the USSR dissolved. Socialism is a word used as though democracy and freedom are opposites. That is not true. Most countries still practicing socialism successfully are democracies with all the freedoms we have, but with a higher level of taxes. Who opposes higher taxes? Those who will have to pay them and those who are fooled into thinking that they will have to pay them.

Let’s do away with taxes and government. We want freedom and free market capitalism which are not the same thing. Let’s do away with Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits and disaster relief. Make our highways into toll roads. Extend the workday to 12-14 hours each, six days per week. Take children out of our failing schools and let their start earning a living in factories here in the US instead of sending those jobs to South America, Africa or Asia to employ children there. Our children can work just as well as their children. Now that is freedom.