English: Grand Canyon at Sunrise in November

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How Grand the Canyon

How purple the mountain‘s majesty

How deep the snow

How jake the Flake

How often the Phoenix

Risen from the ashes

How often the sheriff

Doles out pink underwear

How porous the border

How dense the politicos

How can the residents

Retreat indoors, inside gated oases

So close to heaven

So blind to wonder

So far from life.



Snow Cat

Image by clickclique via Flickr

Snow flakes

Snow falling

Wind driven

Snow drifts

Snow blown

Snow blower

Snow White

Seven dwarves

Snow sculptures

by wind

by children

Snow melting

Snow going

Snow gone


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Utah in Winter

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

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Snowfall January, 2011

Clear skies
Cold nights
Hot cocoa
Whipped cream
Bright lights
Christmas gifts
Carols float
High/low notes
Powder snow
Skiers delight
White peaks
Vast lakes
Spirited giving
Faithful living
Utah in winter




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