Big and small

Big Business (1929 film)

Big Business (1929 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republicans support SMALL government and BIG business. Democrats support SMALL business and BIG government to regulate BIG business and ensure the survival of SMALL business. Without the regulation of BIG business by BIG government, SMALL businesses are subject to the predatory practices of BIG business, witness Standard Oil in the past and WalMart in the present. Mom and pop small businesses on Main Street are fast disappearing in America thanks to big-box stores and the outsourcing and off-shoring of American jobs. Many Americans cannot afford to purchase American goods and services because wages have not kept pace with American productivity. The average wage in America should be twice what it is now and it would be if not all the benefits of gains in productivity had not gone to the 1%.

Cut the crap

English: Number of self-identified Democrats v...

English: Number of self-identified Democrats vs. self-identified Republicans, per state, according to Gallup, January-June 2010 18 point Democratic advantage 10-17 point Democratic advantage 3-9 point Democratic advantage 2 point Democratic advantage through 2 point Republican advantage 3-9 point Republican advantage 10-17 point Republican advantage 18+ point Republican advantage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so tired of listening to pundits and their guests on TV saying that small business owners are going to layoff workers if the top tax rate is increased the small amount that the President and the Democrats are proposing. Let’s be more specific and start dealing in real numbers. How much did the business earn in the last tax period and how much did the business owner pay in taxes? If the tax rate is increased, how much more will be paid in taxes? Is it $1000 or $5,0000 or $10,000? Be specific so that we in the audience can judge how serious you are and how damaging a tax increase will be. Statements that a tax increase will lead to job layoffs are not credible by themselves without specifics.

Political contributions

I am they said

I am they said (Photo credit: wstera2)

I just read a post in which “Big Labor” is criticized for contributing money from members’ dues to candidates that the members might not support. The same criticism could and should be made about big business‘ contributions of money that employees and stockholders might want directed to other candidates. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.