Truth in advertising

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be compliant, the FOX News slogan should read: Unfair, unbalanced and proud of it. On second thought, that could be the slogan of both the TEA Party and the GOP. For our two-party system to work, we need two sane parties. Both the TEA Party and the GOP are several sandwiches short of a picnic.



Flag of Wisconsin

Flag of Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s in a word? No sooner did the Obama campaign announce “Forward” as their 2012 campaign slogan, did some sites on the right go to great lengths in articles to prove that the word choice meant Barack was a marxist, socialist, communist or nazi or all four simultaneously. Baloney. 

The state flag of Wisconsin has the motto, “Forward” on it and possibly it has been on the flag since Wisconsin was admitted into the US in 1848. The University of Wisconsin’s fight song is “On, Wisconsin.” In that context the word “on” is a synonym for “forward.” Let us hope that Scott Walker is recalled on June 5, 2012 before he has a chance to change the state flag or the fight song.