Impeachable offense?

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, Dennis Kucinich told Sean Hannity that striking Syria without prior Congressional authorization would be an impeachable offense. Sean’s eyes lit up and his voice began to drip honey. President Obama’s GOP critics have wanted to impeach him for years and recently began vocally looking for an excuse. Syria could be that excuse. The next eighteen months could become a partisan wrangle in which nothing else is done. The 2014 elections could be contested mainly over maintaining a GOP House with sufficient votes to impeach and a GOP Senate with sufficient votes to convict, a first in American history. If that happens, Joe Biden would become President, and he would pick someone to become Vice President until January, 2017. If he chose Hillary, would the Senate vote to confirm her or would they demand that she pledge not to be a candidate in 2016?

Healthy skepticism

Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH

Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To maintain a healthy level of skepticism, the FDA recommends that an average adult consume an average daily dose of five minutes of pure nonsense. I get my daily dose of nonsense on FOX News in the evening. In the mountain time zone, I have three choices: Bill O’Reilly at 6pm, Sean Hannity at 7pm, or Greta Van Susteren at 8pm. Care is required to avoid an overdose, possibly leading to temporary or permanent insanity.