Pulitzer Prize

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Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are disappointed that FOX News has never won a Pulitzer Prize. Therefore, they have petitioned the Pulitzer committee requesting a new category that they expect to dominate, fictional news.

Price of souls

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When I occasionally watch FOX for a few moments, I often ask myself how much the commentator is getting from Rupert Murdoch as the price of his/her soul. There are exceptions on FOX, such as Shephard Smith, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera, who have not sold themselves to the devil, and there may be others. How can they live with themselves when they must know that what they say is untrue? I know the pressures that employees face from their employers and the Citizens United decision has made the situation worse. In our system, you must work to live. Supreme Court decisions and the laws enacted by Congress SHOULD be designed to protect the rights of  individuals. Labor unions performed this function to some extent in the past, but the GOP are warring against unions at the insistence of their masters, the 1%.

Truth from FOX

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In a rare truthful moment, Rupert Murdoch, the owner and true voice of FOX, expressed doubt that Mitt Romney can defeat President Obama in 2012.

Freedom of the press

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Freedom of the press is guaranteed under the first amendment to preserve our freedoms and to preserve our democracy. It prohibits government censorship, but the danger now is self-censorship of the press, often at the instigation of the 1%. My solution to this danger to our freedoms and our democracy is to breakup the great concentrations of ownership in the media, and I would start with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

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Rupert Murdoch

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The Man Who Owns the News, Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch by Michael Wolff. Keith Rupert Murdoch 2 is the media baron son of a minor media baron of the same name. Descended from protestant clergy and of Scottish ancestry, the Murdochs emigrated to Australia where Rupert’s father became a power in the newspaper business. Printing ink runs in Rupert’s veins and the newspaper portion of his empire is what he really cares about. That and earning enough money from the other parts of his empire to buy more newspapers.

Newspapers are a dieing business, but Rupert still prefers them because that is what he knows and loves. Rupert also loves to create sensation and scandal because they sell more newspapers. He attacks his enemies in the papers and supports his friends, both with a long memory. All his employees try to write as Rupert would or they do not continue to be employed. News Corporation, his media empire, grew to its present size because a bigger balance sheet made it possible to do bigger deals and acquire more media properties including more newspapers.

In the circles of society that Rupert now moves, most people criticize Fox News to his face. Rupert claims to be embarrassed by Fox, but as long as Fox makes money, Rupert will continue to allow Roger Ailes carte blanche to run the network as he sees fit. I think that the only way to compel Fox to be “Fair and Balanced” is to boycott its sponsors so that Fox is not a source of profits for Murdoch.

I believe that News Corporation is too big, too powerful, for one company or one individual in a democracy. Michael Wolff tells the story about how Murdoch plucked Ed Koch from obscurity and succeeded in electing him mayor of New York City. It is Murdoch’s belief that an unknown elected to political office owes more to Murdoch for support than a well-known candidate for office would for the same support. Therefore, I believe that for the sake of preserving our democracy, we must dismantle Murdoch’s empire. Too much power in the hands of one individual or one corporation corrupts. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.