Two different eras

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an American boat in California, 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Reagan era began on January 20, 1981, when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President for his first term. 1981 was the first year of the Reagan era, or year 1 AR (After Reagan). I was born in 1941, the year 40 BR (Before Reagan). Thus I have lived my life in two eras, the one before Reagan and the one after Reagan. For me and for many Americans, the era before Reagan was the better one. My son was born in 1982, or year 2 AR, and never experienced the era before Reagan. I believe that the after Reagan era is coming to a close. Let it be soon.

I began the before Reagan era as a member of a lower middle-class family. I was the first in my family to attend college, but I did not graduate until much later in life and then after five or more years of credits, I received a two-year degree. I entered the business world in the year 20 BR and climbed the corporate ladder quickly. I achieved enough success that I drove a leased Ferrari for four years and later we purchased a used Rolls for my wife. When my son was born, I quit my job and eventually entered the healthcare profession which I enjoyed much more than the business world, although the pay was less.

Jack Welch took over the CEO position at GE in year 1 AR and pioneered in the outsourcing and offshoring of 10,000s of American manufacturing jobs. I predicted that the loss of good-paying American jobs would lead to reduced numbers of American consumers who could afford American products, and I wrote to the Wall Street Journal with my conclusions. My warning was ignored.

I watched the developing economy and I could see that millions of Americans were struggling to maintain their hold on the rungs of the middle-class ladder. Like others, I went deeply into debt to maintain a lifestyle I could no longer afford. I knew that it was inevitable that the effects of the Reagan era would catch up to me eventually and now in my retirement they have. My family and I struggle to survive on Social Security and two small pensions. Rising healthcare costs, insurance costs and food prices are making life difficult. I liked Ronald Reagan, but the current GOP have taken Reagan’s support of small government and gone to extremes. They no longer represent what Reagan stood for, and the sooner they are forced out of government, the better.


Senate Republicans

USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: chukpike)

The GOP Senators are refusing to confirm, or even consider, President Obama’s nominees to fill government posts overseeing agencies that they disapprove of. Starting during the Reagan presidency, Republican presidents appointed to office officials opposed to the agencies that they led. Now that a president wants to appoint officials who will actually lead their departments, the GOP in the Senate want to continue their campaign to make government ineffective from within. It is their hope and intention that the American people will not notice the causes of less effective government. They hope that US taxpayers will tire of paying for ineffective government and vote to shrink government to the point where Grover Norquist can drown what remains of government in a bathtub.

“Just say no”

Official White House photograph of Nancy Reaga...

Official White House photograph of Nancy Reagan, wife to then-President of the United States Ronald Reagan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are too many Reagan Republicans in the US Congress, not Ronald Reagan Republicans, Nancy Reagan Republicans. When she was First Lady of the US, Nancy Reagan crusaded against illegal drugs with the slogan, “Just say no.” Many, too many, members of the GOP in Congress have adopted that slogan, not just against illegal drug use, but against anything that President Obama supports. If you are considering voting for a Republican, ask the candidate if he/she is a Nancy Reagan/TEA Party Republican or if like her husband, the candidate is willing to compromise with Democrats to accomplish the nation’s business? If he/she is not willing to compromise, just say “no” to their candidacy when election day rolls around.


Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del...

Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del Cielo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some Republicans are opposed to comprehensive immigration reform because they say they do not trust the Federal government to secure the border if the law is passed. They point to 1986 as an example of government bad faith and resultant amnesty. They fail to mention that the GOP was in the White House for the following SIX years: Ronald Reagan for two years and GHW Bush for four years. Republicans are saying that you can’t trust the Federal government when they are in power and you can’t trust the Federal government when they are out of power because they will do everything in their power in Congress to block effective governmental action. We just can’t trust the GOP. My solution: don’t put Republicans in office in the White House or in Congress. If we reduce their numbers sufficiently, they will not be a factor in preventing the Federal government from working for all of us.

Please see Amnesty

Presidential terms

English: Grover Norquist at a political confer...

English: Grover Norquist at a political conference in Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama is US President number 44 and when he finishes his term in January, 2017, 44 US Presidents will have served a total of 228 years or an average of 5 years and 2 months each. There will have been only 14 presidents who have served two full terms or more. They are in order:

  1. Washington
  2. Jefferson
  3. Madison
  4. Monroe
  5. Jackson
  6. Grant
  7. Cleveland
  8. Wilson
  9. FDR
  10. Eisenhower
  11. Reagan
  12. Clinton
  13. GW Bush
  14. Obama

President Obama will be the 14th two-term President unless Grover Norquist and some Republicans have their way and impeach him for being President while black. GW Bush has the distinction of being number 13 on the list, an unlucky number for the country.