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Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul–they run the gamut from A to Z. A for awful and Z for the Z in crazy for some of Ron Paul‘s ideas, not all, just some of them. These candidates are so bad that many Republicans are refusing to vote for them. It hasn’t reached that point yet, but I think that we are nearing the point where Barack could be re-elected with only GOP votes. And of course, he will receive the votes of most Democrats and many independents. The GOP establishment representing the 1% would deny Democrats and independents the right to vote if they could, and in many states, GOP governors and state legislators are doing precisely that under the guise of preventing vote fraud.

The GOP owes the country better choices. If they do not supply a viable candidate, then the voters can and must look elsewhere.

“Democracy” in New Hampshire: corporate owned media reporting on corporate owned candidates, except for Ron Paul. Instead of government by the people, for the people and of the people, we now have corporations as people and we also have government by the corporations, for the corporations and soon of the corporations.

Fools and tools

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Not all members of the media are fools

Not all fools are members of the media

However, too many fools in the media

Are tools of the one percent

Focused on polls, the foolish media members

Report not what is important for us to know

Report only what their masters allow us to know

They are the foolish tools of the one percent

They sell out for a mess of pottage and fleeting fame

The caucuses (polls) in Iowa selected NO delegates

A poll by any other name is still a poll

A poll treated as a horserace tells us little of value

The foolish tools of the one percent serve us not

They serve their masters in the corporate media

Who in turn bow to the ultra-rich in the one percent

The TRUE rulers of US democracy.

Please see Gresham’s law

The Mitt Romney Hour

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The Saturday night GOP debate lasted 90 minutes, but it was devoted mostly to Mitt Romney. I watched the game between Detroit and New Orleans and switched to the debate during commercials and between plays. Whenever I tuned to the debate, Mitt was speaking, or had just spoken or was about to speak. I think that the networks should position the candidates on stage according to a draw, rather than follow the polls and position the leaders in center stage, giving the polls additional importance that they do not deserve. This time it was obvious to me that there are two serious candidates, Jon and Ron, and four phonies, Mitt, Rick, Rick and Newt.


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The only consistency in the Mitt Romney campaign is his inconsistencies. On the other hand, Ron Paul is very consistent and I applaud that. Some of Paul’s ideas are very good and others don’t make any sense, in my opinion. However, his positions are serious and consistent. They deserve to be debated during this election season. If Ron Paul is not the nominee, I hope that he will run as an independent candidate. I will not be voting for him, but I want his ideas represented. The other contenders for the GOP nomination are not articulating serious ideas.