Rule of thumbs part 2


512 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On August 20 of this year I published a post, Rule of thumbs, in which I pointed out that the candidate with the shorter last name usually wins presidential elections. Thus it was no surprise that Obama(5) defeated Romney(6). I also pointed out that the candidate with longer thumbs has an advantage, and Barack Obama has very long fingers and thumbs to match.

Thumbs rule!

Take 2

Romney Poster Mis-print ad4

Romney Poster Mis-print ad4 (Photo credit: uvw916a)

Pick a pair of pundits
Their pockets full of cash
Anticipating a Romney win
Their hopes were sure to dash
Every where their eyes alight
Now there is gloom and doom
Romney was bound to win
Alas they spoke too soon
Now they mourn their loss
In Gop-land
Where fantasy still reigns supreme
When reality can’t be borne
The hangover will be hard to bear
By TEA Party stalwarts
And by billionaire supporters
All those wasted TV ads
When the money could have done some good
The victims of Sandy still need help
Compassionate conservatives are needed
Where are you now?

Math, myth, Mitt

I  just received a Romney email asking for money. It claimed that Mitt has momentum, a myth, and that the GOP has better numbers than in 2008. No matter, Mitt will lose on election day since he lacks the numbers that count, the votes of real people. No lies or myths will change the math to allow a Mitt win.


Southwestern Utah Landscape

Southwestern Utah Landscape (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

Saint George, in Southwestern Utah, is home to about 60,000 people and was founded by the Mormon church to supply the state with cotton and other warm weather produce. One of the founding families were Mitt Romney‘s ancestors. Bluff Street is one of a handful of major thoroughfares in the city. It possesses an interchange with Interstate 15, our gateway north to Salt Lake City and south to Las Vegas, an hour and a half away at 80 miles per hour. Mitt’s campaign bus drove through Saint George on its way to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Mitt was scheduled to stop here, but at the last-minute, he flew to Sarasota, Florida instead. He rejoined the bus the next day in Las Vegas.

Bluff Street is well-marked at the interchange at mile post 6 and may have put the word in the minds of the campaign staff remaining on the bus. In any event, the Romney campaign has decided to bluff the media on the status of the race. They falsely claim momentum and that they are tied with or leading President Obama. It is a technique used by Karl Rove in 2000 and 2004 to fire up the GOP base and discourage Democratic voters. This time the technique will fail.

Ex-Lax for Mitt, part 2

Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2008

Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American public will render a verdict on Mitt‘s lies on election day in November. However, until that day he is getting away with some whoppers. Whenever he is called out on his lies, he or his campaign just act as mirrors saying that President Obama and the Democrats are the real liars and too many people believe him. That is why I want us to express our displeasure with Mitt’s lies by mailing his campaign samples of Ex-Lax as a visible, tangible sign of our displeasure. The mailing address is:

Romney for President
P. O. Box 149756
Boston, Massachusetts 02114-9756

At the same time you mail a package to Mitt, I suggest a donation of equal value to the Obama campaign at

I want the Boston post office and the Romney campaign to think that the Christmas rush has arrived two months early. I will notify the Boston media what to expect. If we manage to inundate the Romney campaign with packages of Ex-Lax demonstrating how we feel about Mitt’s lies, we may receive local and/or national media attention. I suggest that you write Ex-Lax for Mitt on the outside of the package so that everyone will know what’s in the box without the need to open it.

It is time to demonstrate to Mitt and to the world that many Americans will not stand idly by as much of the media ignore Mitt’s lying and Mitt ignores the media.