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According to Rick Santorum, Barack Obama practices a different theology. I was raised in the Congregational church and each congregation was free to interpret the Bible as they chose. In fact, each individual could read the Bible in different ways. My parents believed that members of the Catholic church were instructed what to believe by the Pope. There are many different Protestant denominations and I suspect that each interprets the Word of God differently. That is what gives rise to religious disputes, the burning or beheading of heretics and religious wars in the past. As a practising agnostic, I am not an expert on religion. I prefer to mind my own business as long as my neighbor minds his/hers.

True believers

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There is one division in the Muslim religion that splits believers into two groups, Sunnis and Shiites. Shiites are the majority in Iran and Iraq and are sizable minorities in several other nations. Shiites are considered to be heretics by some Sunnis. There also are many other beliefs under the Muslim umbrella, how many I do not presently know.

Christianity has three divisions, protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox. Protestantism has numerous denominations, churches and sects. No one is capable or authorized by a Higher Power to determine whether a church or a belief is better, more correct, than another. That is not for us to decide; it is reserved for God and He has not authorized any person to speak for Him.
But that does not stop some people from trying. Before the US was founded and established freedom of religion, citizens in a country were often required to adhere to the king’s religion. If they did not, it was frequently considered treason and could be punished by a gruesome death.

The US Constitution prohibits the government from establishing a state religion. That does not stop some religious leaders and politicians from injecting religion into politics. There is no religious test for elective office; all religions are equal under the law. And some leaders claim that their religion is more equal than another.