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The Rachel Maddow Show (TV series)

The Rachel Maddow Show (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you spend only ten minutes per day Monday through Friday watching TV news, I recommend the first ten minutes of the Rachel Maddow hour on MSNBC. The information she presents in the first segment is more informative than anything else you will find on TV.

The most informative

The most informative news segment on TV, IMHO, is the first fifteen minutes of Rachel Maddow‘s nightly program on MSNBC. In a sure sign of her effectiveness, even the far right has noticed and has started calling her names.

Union busting in Michigan

The Rachel Maddow Show (TV series)

The Rachel Maddow Show (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday on FOX News, I saw Megyn Kelly reporting a story about 13 Chrysler workers who were fired for drinking alcohol while at a local park during their lunch hour. Just another typical anti-union story on FOX complete with Megyn’s grimaces punctuating the story. Later in the day on Rachel Maddow‘s show on MSNBC, I discovered why FOX had made such a big deal of the Chrysler story. The state legislators in Michigan that day had rushed into law a measure to make Michigan a right-to-work state. Governor Rick Synder is expected to sign the law today. No prior notice of the proposed law had been given and no testimony solicited from the public.

Michael Steele

The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Mic...

The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Michael Steele (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Steele was chairman of the RNC (Republican National Committee) from January, 2009, to January, 2011. He was defeated in his re-election attempt by Reince Priebus. I held a negative opinion of Steele because of what he said about Barack Obama. However, since he left the RNC, his expressed opinions have become, in my opinion, much more reasonable. According to Rachel Maddow, Steele’s record as chairman of the RNC was much more successful than that of Priebus. I have grown to like the guy. He is the kind of Republican that the party and the country need more of.

Please see Reince Priebus

Susan Rice

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rachel Maddow suggested last evening that GOP opposition to Susan Rice stems from their desire to fill John Kerry‘s Senate seat with Scott Brown if Kerry becomes Secretary of State or Defense. I can believe  that the GOP is that devious, but I cannot believe that they are that bright. The recent election demonstrated a bunch of 15 watt bulbs in 100 watt sockets.