Einstein quotation

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English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found this in The Center Holds, Obama and his Enemies by Jonathan Alter.

“…sign that hung in Albert Einstein’s office in Princeton: ‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.'”

On a personal note, during my career in healthcare, I met a man who shared that office with Einstein.

Life expectancies

Life Expectancy 2007 UN HDR & CIA Factbook

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Critics of Obamacare are usually critical of healthcare in other nations, particularly Canada and the UK(England). They praise US healthcare as the best in the world, but we spend much more of GNP to produce the “best”. My question to those critics is, if our healthcare is so good, why do we live shorter lives?

Here are some sample life expectancies, by world ranking:

1.  Japan     men  78 years     women  86.1 years

11.Canada  men  78.3            women  82.9

20.UK        men   77.2           women   81.6

36. US        men   75.6           women   80.8

It should not be necessary for men in the US to undergo a gender change in order to live as long as men in Canada, the UK or Japan, nor should US women face an average of 5.2 years of widowhood..

It’s a crime

United States Capitol in daylight

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There are crimes against property and there are crimes against people, crimes against humans, crimes against humanity. I would divide crimes against people into two categories, theft and bodily injury, which I am going to call manslaughter plus. Manslaughter plus is somewhere between manslaughter and murder.

What do people possess that cannot be replaced? Answer: time on this earth. Take something away and promise to replace later; replacement at a later date cannot give back what was missing during the years it was missing. Take income as an example. The income many of us are missing in 2007- 2011 cannot be replaced by income in 2012 and later years. That which we could purchase and enjoy in the income-missing years can never be enjoyed in those years while we are that age. Those years and that enjoyment are gone forever and I label that THEFT.

Take away a person’s health or ability to maintain that health and you shorten that person’s life here on planet earth. Doing that accidentally is manslaughter. Doing it in person and deliberately is murder. Shortening people’s lives deliberately or carelessly through short-sighted policy decisions at the state or national level is a crime I call manslaughter plus.

Examine what is happening in Washington, DC, now. I think that you are likely to conclude, as I have, that Washington, and specifically Congress, is a crime scene. I, for one, will not accept the false arguments that we are being fed. The US is not broke. We owe our fellow countrymen more, not less.