Walker 1/ Democracy 0

, U.S. Senator from Utah.

, U.S. Senator from Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott Walker defeated his recall yesterday for a number of reasons, including the fact that he had the most money, the Democrats contested who would face Walker, Barrett had lost to Walker in November 2010, and Walker tied Barrett to the problems in Milwaukee. Would a different candidate with more campaign funds received more votes? Probably. Enough to win? Unlikely.

Today I mourn the loss to Walker. Tomorrow I begin the campaign to defeat all TEA Party backed candidates in November. Here in Utah, there will be a primary on June 26 to determine the Republican nominee for Orrin Hatch‘s Senate seat. The contest is between Orrin Hatch and Dan Liljenquist, who is known as Utah’s Paul Ryan. I have not decided how I will vote since I don’t want either in the Senate, and the Republican almost always wins.

Orrin Hatch

, U.S. Senator from Utah.

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Tomorrow night is caucus night in Utah, and I shall attend my first ever caucus. There were no caucuses in Illinois and California, my prior states of residence. I have received two robocalls from Mitt Romney in support of Orrin Hatch and one just minutes ago from Michelle Malkin opposed to Hatch. I agree with Malkin about almost nothing, but I do think that Hatch should retire. He’s been in the US Senate long enough, and it’s time for younger blood.


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, member of the United States Senate.

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Orrin Hatch is running scared for re-election. He fears not being re-nominated by the GOP for his Senate office. The TEA Party wants him replaced and I would prefer Jon Huntsman, but I doubt that the GOP would nominate him. This week, Hatch started running TV commercials that promise he will work hard to see that Obamacare is repealed.

That started me thinking about why the GOP hate Obamacare. Have they started believing their own propaganda or is it that so many voters still believe their propaganda? Perhaps. Repeal of Obamacare would work against the interests and profits of the healthcare insurers and of the drug manufacturers. Both were promised millions of additional customers who would be funded mostly by taxpayer dollars. I think that the real reason Hatch and the GOP are against Obamacare is the name. If the name were changed to Free Market Capitalismcare, then they would be all for it. The GOP does not want President Obama to get credit for ANYTHING.

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Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

Jon Huntsman

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During Thursday’s Republican debate, Jon huntsman was the only adult on the stage asking or answering questions. However, his chances of winning the nomination seem slim at best. And even if he won the nomination, I would continue to support President Obama. I think that Huntsman could provide a voice of reason in the Senate which is sorely lacking now. I think that it is time for Orrin Hatch to retire and I would proudly vote for Huntsman to replace him. Our nation needs his wisdom and counsel now as we re-enter the Great Recession thanks to GOP efforts to recapture the presidency.

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Cut, cap and balance

Orrin Hatch, Utah's longest serving senator, i...

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Just received another Hatch Dispatch from Senator Orrin Hatch. He was wed to snail mail for the longest time, but now that a re-election campaign looms in 2012, he has adopted the latest technology.

In this Dispatch, he touted the Balanced Budget amendment to the US Constitution. He claimed that all Republican US Senators support it. Among other things, it would require a super-majority, two thirds I suppose, to pass tax increases and budgets. This approach was tried in California and found unworkable.California is now moving in the other direction. Why amend the Constitution to enshrine an unworkable measure? Because it would convert our democracy from majority rule to rule by a minority, one third plus one vote. The GOP is on its way to permanent minority status, but they want to continue to rule. That is why they support a balanced budget amendment UNANIMOUSLY.