The Starfish and the Spider part 2

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In part one of my post, the Starfish and the Spider, I wrote about how decentralized organizations, such as Occupy Wall Street and al-Qaeda, are superior to centralized organizations. I promised to write about how it is possible to defeat decentralized organizations and that is the subject of this post.

There are three parts to the strategy:

  1. Improve living conditions so that organization members are willing to change ideology; this takes time and patience.
  2. Give organization members property rights and property so that they have a stake in society. That is how the US finally defeated the Apache.
  3. Adopt a decentralized organizational structure yourself.

The authors of the book conclude that a mixed spider and starfish organization, a mixture of centralization and decentralization may be the best structure of them all. They emphasize that getting the balance correct is not easy and will probably require frequent adjustments as conditions change.

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