Economic justice

English: occupy wall street

English: occupy wall street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what I want and the Occupy Wall Street movement wants:

Jobs for the jobless

Homes for the homeless

Food for the hungry

Medical attention for the sick

Effective regulation of Wall Street

Jail for the guilty, those responsible for the Great Recession

Economic justice for all 100%

In your heart, don’t you want it too?

Capitalism doesn’t ensure equal results

Bill O'Reilly at the World Affairs Council of ...

Bill O’Reilly at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, September 30, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is the title of an op-ed appearing in today’s newspaper authored by Bill O’Reilly. In it, Bill talks about growing up poor and then working his way up the economic ladder when most Americans were middle class. Bill, you are living in the past. The middle class in America is disappearing fast and we need a vibrant middle class to preserve our democracy. You talk about switching employers if you weren’t satisfied with your job. That’s not possible for most people in most lines of work. Before I was encouraged to retire, I worked at the local hospital as an x-ray tech. Although some doctors employ x-ray techs, jobs outside the hospital are scarce and its costs real money to move in the hopes of finding a job elsewhere. That is doubly and tripley true in today’s economy.

When you were growing up, the rich paid a much higher rate of taxation and still many prospered. Your dad and most Americans were willing to see others do well because they knew that hard work was rewarded in America. That is no longer true for many Americans. In some industries, only part-time work at low wages with no benefits is all that is available. If many of us including Occupy Wall Street are upset because the 1% are gaming the system, they are right and the 1% are gaming the system and destroying our democracy at the same time. Bill, open your eyes and look around you. It’s a different world from when you and I grew up.

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Democracy denigrated

Democracy and Education

Democracy and Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some bloggers exalt republics and denigrate democracy as mob rule. Why do they do that? I believe they show disrespect for democracy because they don’t like majority rule. They believe that they, a minority, know better what is good for the country than the unwashed majority of voters. That is one of the reasons that the representatives of the 1% in the media frequently tell members of Occupy Wall Street to take a bath and get a job.

If majority rule, with protections for the minority, is really a problem for some voters, the answer I believe, is better education in general and better education in particular in American history and civics. The media in recent years has really failed in their job to educate voters and I believe that it is the result of the concentration of media ownership in a few corporate hands. The principal purposes of the media now are the generation of profits and the support of the GOP who support the 1%, rather than the fair and balanced supply of information needed by the voters.

The cat is in the corn

Map of Wall Street and the surrounding streets...

Map of Wall Street and the surrounding streets Trinity Church Bank of New York Building NY Stock Exchange Federal Hall Trump Building Cocoa Exchange (1 Wall Street Court) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cat is in the corn
The beer is in the bottle
The pig is in the sausage
And the sheep is in the meadow.

The sparrow is in the barn
The horse is in the field
The cow is in the meadow
And the egg is in the skillet.

The farmer is in the poor house
His neighbors are scraping by
Main Street is deserted
While malls and Wall Street thrive.

The parties in Washington squabble
Pundits disagree while being disagreeable
Voters scratch their heads in wonder
While the world watches unbelieving.

Just in

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I just received this in a fund-raiser from Michele Bachmann:

“Just hours ago, press reports broke the news that a self-identified Occupy Wall Street supporter and “community activist” will challenge me for reelection to Congress. Announcing her candidacy, my opponent claimed she was inspired to challenge me by Occupy Wall Street.Do you really need to know any more? “

No, I don’t need to know any more; I’m ready to support Michele’s opponent as soon as I discover who it is. Anyone inspired by OWS has my support against Michele.