I love Obamacare

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We took our son out to dinner yesterday to a restaurant in Ancestor Square, the very heart of Saint George where Brigham Young used to winter with some of his wives. Here in Saint George we hear nothing but scorn for the Affordable Care Act and President Obama, and Utah refused to offer expanded health care to its citizens. To my surprise and delight, I saw a parked, upscale SUV with a sticker in its rear window, I love Obamacare. So even here in the reddest state in the union, there are some supporters of the President and his signature, at least so far, accomplishment


Scalp hunters

Official portrait of United States Health and ...

Official portrait of United States Health and Human Services Secretary . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The scalp hunters in the GOP failed to capture President Obama’s scalp in the effort to repeal, defund, or delay the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Now as a consolation prize, they seek the resignation/firing of the person in charge of implementing Obamacare, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services. If they fail again, whose scalp will they covet next?

Plan C

English: Barack Obama taking the oath of offic...

English: Barack Obama taking the oath of office on January 20, 2009 at the U.S. Capitol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Loosely translated from the original by Robert Burns.

On inauguration night, January 20, 2009, the GOP hatched plan A to oppose everything that President Obama supported and to prolong the Great Recession as long as possible. That plan didn’t work.

After the November, 2012 election, the GOP came up with plan B, shut down the government and skirt default. That plan too has just failed.

Now it is time for a plan C. We don’t know the details yet, but we do know that there will be a plan C: find some pretext to impeach President Obama. Whatever the GOP may claim, the real reason for the impeachment effort will be that President Obama, his family and his dogs are black.

Who won and who lost?

English: President Barack Obama makes a statem...

English: President Barack Obama makes a statement in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House announcing a deal in the ongoing efforts to find a balanced approach to the debt limit and deficit reduction, July 31, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the government shutdown and debt ceiling fight are temporarily over, who won and who lost? Certainly President Obama won by refusing to negotiate with the hostage-taking GOP. However, the GOP won too by reducing our confidence in government, which has been one of their main goals for years. Reducing confidence in government will make it easier in the future to reduce government funding. The big losers in the fight were the American people.

Great Depression 2

President Barack Obama speaks at the Departmen...

President Barack Obama speaks at the Department of Energy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The GOP plan A to return to power and defeat Obama was to oppose everything the President proposed and to slow recovery from the Great Recession as long as possible. That did not work, and Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. Now the GOP have instituted plan B, shut down the government and skirt the cliff of default, which gone over may result in the Great Depression 2. If President Obama is forced to invoke the 14th amendment to the Constitution to avoid default, that will afford the GOP in the House an opportunity to impeach him. That will prevent any action on the Obama agenda until November 2014. The GOP effort already exists witness the email I received this morning from a TEA Party chapter in Southern California.


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Overpass Impeach Obama Rally/Protest 4 P.M.
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Woodland Hills 101 OverPass By Fallbrook Ave.
Ventura Blvd West-Left on Fallbrook-1 Half block south of Ventura Blvd-Make a Right-1 block West of Fallbrook-
It is on Del Valle St. in the 22800 block-large cul de sac at the end of block-It a pedestrian overpass from Del Valle to Ave San Luis over the 101
Gene’s phone # is 818-993-4730  
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OVERPASS IMPEACH OBUMMER RALLY- Sunday 10-13 4 PM, 101 Near Fallbrook Exit


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