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When I blogged for Barack on, I was somewhat limited in subject matter and I tried to follow their instruction to be positive. That was and is difficult when Barack’s opponents will say or repeat ANYTHING that they believe will damage the President or advance their cause. I have always tried to stick with the truth, because then I don’t have to remember what I said. Barack’s opponents don’t care; like Mitt Romney, they will say anything at any time, darn the consistency.

Well having my own blog now, my hands are no longer tied to subject matter or to being always positive. I prefer being positive, but I will answer Barack’s critics in kind when necessary. As a member of the Barack Obama Truth Team, I will continue to stick with the truth. I was examining my numbers today, and I found that having a site of my own was truly liberating:

4.5 years of  1200 posts  265 annual average
5.0 years of his site and my site combined 1675 posts 325 annual average
6.0 years projected total  2200 posts  365 annual average

After this election cycle, I will have averaged one post per day for six straight years. I hope then that with a Democratic House and Senate and Barack in the White House, it won’t be necessary to post so often. If we have a Republican sweep, I think that I will surrender to despair. If we continue the present stalemate in Washington, DC, it will be necessary to continue at my present pace or accelerate my writing.

Please see 3 scenarios for 2012



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Memory is a strange thing; as I grow older I remember events from my youth clearly and can’t recall some things that happened yesterday or last week. I guess that is a common human failing. I have found one cure that works for me and maybe it will work for you too, writing down my thoughts.

I started a group for Barack on February 12, 2007, two days after he declared his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois. I named the group Dixie4Obama since this part of Utah is known as Utah’s Dixie because pioneer families grew cotton here. I started posting on a blog at and wrote 1200+ posts. Then in July 2011, I started my own site at where I have posted nearly 400 articles. If I needed to, I believe that I could rewrite all the articles from memory. Not just a similar article, the entire article word for word. Slight exaggeration there.

Why do I think so?   In part because I have given some or a lot of thought to the article before I write it. Then there is typing it on my computer that helps my memory retain what I have typed. There are the typing mistakes that require correction and the fact checking at . And finally there is the proofreading several times looking for errors and ways to improve the post. I think that the mere writing is sufficient to retain the thoughts, probably as well as the computer memory and for a longer period of time, given that computer hard drives do fail.

Give it a try. If there is something that you really want to commit to memory, try writing about it. It works for me. Maybe it will work for you too.