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Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, was accused of ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.Is John McCain the last or only honorable Republican remaining? Yesterday he spoke out against Michele Bachmann and others attacking Huma Abedin as being connected to Muslim extremists. In 2008, I thought that McCain was not qualified to be president in a time of great economic difficulty, but I have always respected his service to our nation and his willingness to speak his mind. Again I applaud John McCain’s willingness to stand for what is right and oppose the extreme Right in his own party.

Please see Muslim brotherhood

Muslim brotherhood

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Wellesley College)

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Wellesley College) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Muslim brotherhood party in Egypt won the most recent election, but not all Egyptians support the Muslim brotherhood. Some of those opposed to the Muslim brotherhood displayed their anger with the US by pelting Hillary Clinton‘s vehicle with tomatoes and shoes on her recent visit to Alexandria. When interviewed, some of crowd explained that they thought the US government was in league with the Muslim brotherhood. They claimed that they got their information from US websites. See guys, your thoughtless conspiracy theories do have consequences. Think next time before you make your false charges. The next attack could be on one of your loved ones visiting tourist attractions in Egypt.

We support democracy

I am a Muslim not a Commodity

I am a Muslim not a Commodity (Photo credit: Edge of Space)

We support democracy when the person or party we support wins the most votes. Our support for democracy wavers when the person or party we support does not win the election. At a time when the Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt had the most seats in Parliament and is winning the most recent election, fears of the Muslim Brotherhood both in Egypt and in the US are causing concern in both countries. I’d like to remind the worriers that the responsibilities of governing usually lead to the quick maturation of the ruling party. Let’s let the winners govern and watch their progress.