Congressional leaders

John Boehner tells American Unemployed its You...

John Boehner tells American Unemployed its Your Fault for Being Lazy (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

I think that the two parties’s Congressional leaders say a lot about who they are, where they come from, and who they represent. GOP leaders Boehner from Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River from Kentucky, and McConnell from Kentucky represent the country’s past, an aging white majority, rooted in the Middle West and border South. Democratic leaders Pelosi from San Francisco and Reid from Nevada represent the western shift of the population from the rust-belt to the sun-belt, a shift in the composition of our population, and toward a future dominated by a younger, more diverse populace.

Climate of fear

The GOP is afraid that Barack Obama and the Democrats are creating a climate that leads to scandal, such as the so-called IRS scandal. Charles Krauthammer and Mitch McConnell have both blamed President Obama for creating that climate by his words and example. Next thing you know, the GOP will be blaming President Obama and the Democrats for Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes that struck recently in Moore, Oklahoma. I wonder who caused the storms before Barack was elected in January, 2009. George W. Bush perhaps?


Mitch McConnell revealed

English: Official photo of United States Senat...

English: Official photo of United States Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A portion of a meeting of Mitch McConnell with some of his political advisers doing opposition research was released to the press. The recording highlighted some of their thoughts about possible challenger, Ashley Judd. McConnell was rightly incensed that their thoughts were made public. He said that is how the Left operates in America, possibly linking his embarrassment to Mitt Romney‘s 47% video. The Right also discloses sound and video originating with the Left, such as ACORN. There is one very big difference however; the Left releases accurate recordings, at least so far, and the Right doctors recordings of the Left to distort the truth.

Ashley Judd part 2

Judd, as YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, speaks a...

Judd, as YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, speaks at an event in South Africa (January 2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All That Is Bitter & Sweet by Ashley Judd with Maryanne Vollers:

“As I gaze upward, I ponder a few things of which to be conscious during an upcoming trip to Africa, a return to the Congo:

  • Expectations are premeditated resentments.
  • Live life on life’s terms. Be a woman among women, one among many.
  • Do the next, good, right, honest thing. Keep it simple. I am responsible for the stitch, not the whole pattern. Turn the outcome over to God.
  • Ask for help. Write Bishop Tutu, Ted, keep in touch with Tennie. Pray. Cry. Get on the yoga mat. Journal. Read 104th psalm. Listen to gospel bluegrass.”

The principal difference between Ashley Judd and Mitch McConnell is the size of her heart. Her heart is huge; his is not.

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