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This blog is most concerned with politics and it is not possible to write about it without becoming aware of the myriad problems facing the US. Some are from outside our borders, but most are self-induced by the GOP, aided and abetted by some Democrats, at the instructions of their masters, the 1%. The following list is in no particular order and enumerates our tasks ahead.

  • Public financing of political campaigns.
  • Limiting the influence of lobbyists.
  • Eliminating gerrymandering.
  • Require truth in political ads and reporting.
  • Stricter gun laws.
  • Higher taxes on the very wealthy and corporations.
  • Elimination of all tax shelters.
  • Reduce offshoring and foreign banking by US citizens.
  • More green energy.
  • More airlines and greater competition.
  • High speed rail.
  • Higher minimum wage, a living wage.
  • Fewer jails and prisons, none for profit.
  • Single-payer healthcare.
  • No restrictions on the right of adults to vote, mandatory voting.
  • Reformed immigration laws.
  • Freedom to petition and to demonstrate peacefully.
  • Freedom of worship or to not worship. No religion better than another.
  • Restrictions on the CIA and NSA.
  • Institute the Robin Hood tax on financial transactions.
  • Reinstate usury laws.

I have previously written on many of these subjects, and I will be addressing the others in future posts. Thank you for your support.

Free market wages

English: Monthly minimum wages in EU Member St...

English: Monthly minimum wages in EU Member States, Turkey and the USA in 2008, in national euros and purchasing power standards Français : Salaire minimum mensuel dans les Etats membres de l’UE, la Turquie et les Etats-Unis en 2008, en euro et en parités de pouvoir d’achat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some in Congress want to repeal the minimum wage and let wages be set by the market. That is a very bad idea. Additionally, Congress sets its own wages by law and they receive a generous package of benefits for very little work. They have the time to write books and engage in lucrative speaking engagements if they wish to supplement their taxpayer guaranteed wages. The rest of us struggle to pay our bills with full-time work if we can find it.

In the recent past, society decided the acceptable salary range for various jobs and professions, and regulations or other mechanisms enforced our collective judgment. With the movement to deregulation and market based wages, we have witnessed a growing disparity between what the lowest paid workers are paid and what CEOs pay themselves. Repealing the minimum wage will make the situation worse. Jack London documented in The People of the Abyss how free market wages lead to a downward spiral that ends in misery and an early death for many.

Minimum wage

US Minimum wage laws, from Image:Blank_US_Map.svg

US Minimum wage laws, from Image:Blank_US_Map.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama has proposed raising the minimum wage to $9.00 per hour. I support the proposal, although I think that a higher, living wage that accounts for different regional costs of living would be better. The higher minimum wage would make life easier for the working poor and it would lift all boats by raising the entire pay scale for everyone. It would not decrease employment significantly.

Members of the GOP oppose a minimum wage increase for several reasons:

During periods of full employment, which is not the case now, a higher minimum wage would add to inflationary pressures.
They don’t care about the working poor.
Profits and possibly stock prices might be decreased, leading to lower bonuses for the CEOs of large corporations who are the people the GOP do care about.

The GOP should support a higher minimum wage since it would allow a portion of the 47% not currently paying income tax to start paying income tax on their higher take home pay. After all, Mitt Romney and others want more people to pay income taxes, but not higher taxes on members of the 1%.


The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

The red “GOP” logo used by the party for its website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How much do the GOP value you?

The GOP value women at 73% of men because that is all a woman is paid for work comparable to men.

The GOP value many workers at the minimum wage which is not enough to support life.

The GOP value the 47% not at all.

Who does the GOP value?

They value corporations as people and as suppliers of campaign cash. They value the top 0.01% as the real rulers of our country. They value life until birth, and then you’re on your own. They value lies above truth and they value war above peace because war is more profitable. They value profit above the environment and they value themselves above everyone else.

American jobs

American Buffalo (coin)

American Buffalo (coin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good paying American jobs went away, were outsourced to low wage countries, because our laws and our tax laws made it possible. To reverse that trend and create good paying jobs here in the US for American citizens, I propose the following steps:

In order that Americans can afford to purchase American goods and services, we must increase the minimum wage to the point where it becomes a living wage. That will be a floor on which to build our economy.

Then by enforcing the laws already on the books and enacting new laws if necessary, we must encourage union membership. As corporations grow larger and more powerful, the individual worker is at the mercy of his employer. Many corporate CEOs are interested only in their stock prices and related compensation that is hundreds or thousands times as great as their lowest paid employees. This is not the case in Japan and Europe and cannot be justified here, apart from CEO greed.