Missing the point

Institute of Mental Health 5, Nov 06

Institute of Mental Health 5, Nov 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the shooting in Washington, the Pentagon will review procedures that allowed the shooter into the Navy Yard, while Congress will focus on mental health issues. Mental health issues are the more important issue. Focusing on the shooter’s security clearance, while important, is not the central issue. Lacking a security clearance, Alexis would have chosen his victims outside the Naval facility, rather than inside. Same results, different victims.

The tragedy of abuse

Lost in the shocking details of Ariel Castro, who imprisoned three women in Cleveland, and his trial was his admission that he was abused himself. Abuse does not go away. Abuse the children of one generation and some of the abused will grow up to be adults who abuse others in turn. It is a never-ending cycle that perpetuates itself over and over again. Punishment of a small number of abusers will not stop it. Only loving one another will do that.