Medical waste

When he was at Bain, Mitt and Bain invested $75 million in Stericycle,

English: Waste medical films from Turkey.

English: Waste medical films from Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a medical waste disposal company. I have no quarrel with that investment because medical waste must be disposed of properly. Some corrupt companies try to dispose of waste improperly to save money. That is why medical waste sometimes washes up on our beaches.

Medical waste can and often does include aborted fetuses. Some people are opposed to abortion and include in their opposition medical waste disposal companies. Mitt profited from that investment and probably still does, if he would release his relevant tax returns.

When Somalia’s central government broke down and lost its ability to police its coast, some unscrupulous European companies started dumping waste along Somalia’s coast. It fell to Somalian fisherman to try to stop the dumping by confronting the dumpers from their small fishing boats. Thus led inevitably to charges of Somali acts of piracy and then to the real thing. One act of lawlessness can and often does lead to another, particularly if there is a weak or no central government.