Hurricane Sandy and charity

100 Million Pennies NYC

100 Million Pennies NYC (Photo credit: Photo Gallery)

Mitt Romney and some of his wealthy supporters want to downsize the Federal government, reducing the safety net for others than themselves, return some programs to the states, privatize other programs and then rely on charity to take up the slack. I think that NOW is a good time for them to demonstrate how that would work from the standpoint of their charitable giving, and I am talking about minimum donations in the $50 to $100 million range. Small change to them, but $50 million here and $100 million there adds up to real money.

Mitt Romney, Michael Bloomberg, the Koch brothers, the Walton family, Peter G. Peterson, Karl Rove’s front organizations, the US Chamber of Commerce, corporate people like GE that pay no Federal income tax, and the private equity and hedge fund billionaires of Wall Street are the possible donors I am thinking about. Wall Street is located in the portion of lower Manhattan that was affected by the hurricane with loss of power and some flooding. If charity begins at home, then the banks that are too big to fail and other firms that benefited from taxpayer bailouts should be among the first to donate. Karl Rove’s front organizations enjoy tax-free status as charitable organizations. They should immediately stop their political attack ads and donate all remaining funds to real charity.

Pizza guys

Herman Cain

Herman Cain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt was photographed today with Rudy Guiliani delivering pizza for lunch to a Manhattan fire house of 9-11 first responders.  Pizza seems to be Mitt’s comfort food of choice. He should choose Herman Cain to be his VP. Their campaign motto could be, “We deliver.”

Scott Walker

Scott Walker - Caricature

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

I received a letter today from Scott Walker of Wisconsin the old-fashioned way; it was delivered by a letter carrier, who had not yet been privatized or laid off if the GOP in Congress have their way. Of course he asked for money to combat his recall by the forces of evil, Big unions, President Obama, radicals, George Soros and ultra left elites in Hollywood and Manhattan. He claimed that the demonstrators in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this year came from parts unknown and then later in the letter he named them, Chicago and Las Vegas. I live close to Las Vegas and I doubt that anyone in their right mind would go to Madison in winter from our mild climate.

I don’t support Scott Walker and I hope that he is recalled. As a friend of the Koch brothers, he can ask them for all the money he needs. I will not send him one cent.