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The F-22 Raptor is the latest addition to the nation’s arsenal of aircraft, and it is unsafe to fly. Pilots become disoriented during flight and afterward on the ground and the solution eludes detection. Logic dictates that the villain is exotic adhesives used to make the aircraft invisible to some, but not all radars. The stealth coating of the aircraft requires constant maintenance because it can be damaged by dust or rain. Imagine a war machine that can only be flown on sunny days when there is little or no dust in the air. I think that the DOD should acknowledge the problem and ground the aircraft until such time as it is safe to fly. If they must abandon the stealth aspect of the plane, so be it.

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Blue Angels

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The US Navy Blue Angels are in Saint George today and tomorrow, weather permitting, for an airshow at our new airport. I will not attend because my hearing loss will not tolerate loud noise. However, the pilots have been practicing in pairs over my home so that I have had a good look. They are flying the F-22 Raptor which is a sleekly futuristic aircraft. It is very impressive, but do we really need it in today’s or tomorrow’s world? No longer in production, we have 187 in our arsenal at a cost of $150 million each. The Blue Angel team consists of 6 aircraft, at least here in Saint George.

No other nation has a comparable airplane. Airforces that we might face in opposition have vastly inferior aircraft. To use these airplanes to deliver bombs against adversaries would be a waste in my opinion. If we are to bomb a small opponent like Iran, Iraq , Libya or Syria, there is a better, cheaper alternative in my opinion. There are hundreds of mothballed commercial airliners sitting in the Arizona desert. Some of them could be retrofitted to deliver bombs much less expensively than the F-22. A bomb needs to be delivered accurately to its target; it does not need to be delivered at high-speed by the latest technological marvel. An aging 747 could be fitted with the latest anti-missile capability to defend itself and a few F-22 or other could fly escort to add an additional layer of protection. I think that this way would be an effective defense force at a much lower cost.