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The US Navy Blue Angels are in Saint George today and tomorrow, weather permitting, for an airshow at our new airport. I will not attend because my hearing loss will not tolerate loud noise. However, the pilots have been practicing in pairs over my home so that I have had a good look. They are flying the F-22 Raptor which is a sleekly futuristic aircraft. It is very impressive, but do we really need it in today’s or tomorrow’s world? No longer in production, we have 187 in our arsenal at a cost of $150 million each. The Blue Angel team consists of 6 aircraft, at least here in Saint George.

No other nation has a comparable airplane. Airforces that we might face in opposition have vastly inferior aircraft. To use these airplanes to deliver bombs against adversaries would be a waste in my opinion. If we are to bomb a small opponent like Iran, Iraq , Libya or Syria, there is a better, cheaper alternative in my opinion. There are hundreds of mothballed commercial airliners sitting in the Arizona desert. Some of them could be retrofitted to deliver bombs much less expensively than the F-22. A bomb needs to be delivered accurately to its target; it does not need to be delivered at high-speed by the latest technological marvel. An aging 747 could be fitted with the latest anti-missile capability to defend itself and a few F-22 or other could fly escort to add an additional layer of protection. I think that this way would be an effective defense force at a much lower cost.

If John McCain had won

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The economy is showing signs of weakening. That was predicted by some economists in 2009 and 2010 who thought that the stimulus was too small and misdirected. I believe that was the GOP design so that their election prospects in 2012 would be enhanced.Now let us suppose that John McCain had been elected in 2008. Ford would be the only US manufacturer of automobiles. GM and Chrysler would be a distant memory along with their jobs and the jobs of their suppliers. We would be in the Great Depression 2 with unemployment near 20% with millions more uncounted because they have given up looking for work.Gas would be in short supply and sell for $10.00 per gallon when available. That would be the result of our limited war with Iran. Iranian small boats had attacked and severely damaged a US nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Iran was now blockading the Straits of Hormuz, reducing the world’s oil supplies from the Middle East. Our war with Iran was a limited war because we were engaged in so many other trouble spots as well.The GOP-dominated Congress had adopted a version of the Ryan budget, privatizing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the Federal Government to be in the healthcare or retirement business according to that Constitutional expert, Rick Perry. Unemployment benefits are now strictly a state responsibility. Most states cannot afford to pay any benefits and those that do require a 3 to 5 year residency before you qualify.John McCain would have suffered a severe stroke in early 2011 and is incapacitated. Sarah Palin is now acting president. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are expected to fight a rematch for the Democratic nomination. The GOP and Palin are increasingly unpopular, and one or more challengers to her nomination are expected.

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