Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey


Ladakh (Photo credit: TCPMU)

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a splendid documentary film at Docutah, in Saint George, Utah. The film runs 70 minutes and documents a trek in the Himalayas to promote preserving the environment. Approximately 700 people trekked to Ladakh in the Kashmir area of northern India/Pakistan. Along the route, they collected trash to leave the area cleaner than they found it. Environmental degradation in the Himalayas is slowly poisoning the source of the fresh water relied on by about half of the world’s population. They also tried to teach the population of the area they traversed about why the climate is changing and how to preserve their homes and crops from violent storms and resulting landslides. The trek in summer, 2009, tranversed snow fields and crossed a pass above 17,000 feet. The film’s producer, Wendy Lee, was there after the film to answer questions.

If you would like to see this very worthwhile film, it will be screened on September 20, 2012, in Orlando, Florida, at the Global Peace Film Festival. A related film about the oceans will be screened in Monterey, California at the Blue Ocean Film Festival between September 24 and 30, 2012. Further information is available at

Southern Utah International Documentary Film F...

Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)