Keystone pipeline nonsense

Trans Canada Keystone Oil Pipeline

Trans Canada Keystone Oil Pipeline (Photo credit: shannonpatrick17)

This morning on FOX, there was the standard nonsense, fair and balanced?, this time about the Keystone pipeline. That it would reduce energy prices when in fact the refined product is scheduled for export. That it would reduce our need for imported energy. Where do the people at FOX think that the tar sands to be transported in the Keystone pipeline are located? Alberta is a part of Canada, not the US. The section of the Keystone pipeline they want built will handle more imports, not less. Who wants the Keystone pipeline line? Big oil. And they want it because it will generate more profits for them and more pollution for the rest of us.

Keystone XL pipeline part 2

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Mitch McConnell says that the Keystone XL pipeline is designed to carry petroleum from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Good thing that BP is not involved, or that petroleum might wind up in the Gulf of Mexico, adding to the continuing damage to the environment caused by Deepwater Horizon. The Keystone petroleum is to be refined in Louisiana, and the refined product shipped abroad. No help to our energy problems.

Victory insurance

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I received in today’s snail mail a request for donation from the National Republican Congressional Committee.  It took the form of a 2012 Victory Insurance Policy to ensure a veto-proof Congress if by some miracle, Barack is re-elected. They list his sins: Obamacare tops the list, followed by excessive regulation, class warfare and the Keystone XL pipeline. The GOP wants to preserve America’s role as the world’s greatest superpower (I thought that we were the only superpower).

The heart of their argument seems to be the need for a veto-proof Congress to ensure that it is their way or the highway for the Democratic agenda, which I support. Needless to say, I did not buy their arguments or make a contribution. Further, it is my understanding that the GOP wants to try to reverse the people’s choice if Barack is re-elected. Rather than accept a GOP defeat in 2012, with a veto-proof majority, the GOP will have enough votes to attempt to impeach Barack Obama on any flimsy pretext. We must guard against that in the elections of 2012 and 2014.

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Keystone XL pipeline

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The Keystone XL pipeline has nothing to do with energy independence for the US and little to do with US jobs. It is all about profits for big oil and campaign contributions for members of Congress. After the dirty oil is refined in Louisiana and leaves its pollution behind here in the US, the refined product is scheduled to be exported nearly in its entirety.