Religious fanatics

Occupy Grand Rapids Poster for April 14th Rall...

Occupy Grand Rapids Poster for April 14th Rally and Really Really Free Market (Photo credit: OpenSourcerer)

We have the misfortune to be living our lives in a time of religious fanaticism, and I am not just referring to Muslim terrorists. Here in the US, we live with fanaticism of the religious Right as well as the fanaticism of free market capitalists. Now I think that it is obvious that free markets can do some things better than government, but it is also true that government can do some things better than private enterprise, especially those activities that promote the common good. Our problem is that there are too many millionaires in Congress and not enough representatives of everyman and woman. Those touting privatization believe that the free market is better because it pays THEM better than government service after they leave government. Bar them from working in the private sector after government service and then see their opinions change.


Romney ahead

Mitt Romney leads President Obama in a recent BBC survey only in Pakistan of the countries surveyed. Mitt also shows strength in Kenya and Poland, but still trails Barack badly. To look at this article, please click

BOTT report March, 2012

Glen Ellyn, IL

Glen Ellyn, IL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lake Ellyn, IL

Lake Ellyn, IL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The birthers just will not give up. Sheriff Joe’s report notwithstanding and not receiving the desired publicity, they have come up with two new stories. Usually truth is stranger than fiction, but with the birthers, it is the reverse, their fiction is stranger than truth.

First story is an attempt to link Barack with Bill Ayers again, only this time the source is the mailman who delivered mail to Bill Ayers’s parents at their home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Reportedly, he overheard a conversation in which they reportedly said they were aiding a foreign student in college. That student is alleged to be Barack Obama.

Second story is told by a former US Marine stationed in Honolulu in 1980 when Barack was in college in LA. The ex-Marine claims that he met Barack in Honolulu and Barack told him that he was born in Kenya. Obviously false since Barack was born in Honolulu and he knew it. If there is any truth in the tale, it would be a reference to Barack’s father who was born in Kenya.

That’s all for today. I am sure that other falsehoods will be appearing in the near future, and I will bring them to your attention as I find them.

My hometown of Elmhurst, Illinois is only a few miles east of the above pictures. In the winter as a teen, I enjoyed skating on a frozen Lake Ellyn.

Barack’s father

Barack Senior

Barack Obama's father

President Obama’s father was a brilliant man, but he had problems. He beat his third wife, Ruth, and had a lifelong drinking problem that only got worse as his career in Kenya went from failure to failure. Barack H. Obama, Sr. boasted of his abilities and his Harvard degree to all and sundry. As he consumed more and more alcohol, he grew louder and louder, and his lies grew in frequency and fancifulness. I believe that he was trying to compensate for a lack of confidence in himself.

Critics of President Obama claim that his father was a Marxist or a communist. That was untrue. As a trained economist, he supported a fusion of capitalism and African communalism. Obama, Sr. was a member of the Luo tribe, and tribal tradition included holding land in communal hands, owned and shared by all within a village. Obama, Sr. wanted all Kenyans to share in the fruits of independence. He was an outspoken critic of Jomo Kenyatta who appropriated much of Kenya’s wealth for himself and close supporters during his extended presidency of Kenya.

This information is from The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father by Sally H. Jacobs. I enjoyed this book muchly, and I recommend it highly. Barack Sr. visited Hawaii, San Francisco and New York City a few years before I did, but we both visited many of the same places. Barack, Sr. and Barack’s mother, Ann, were married on Maui near the Maui airport. My wife and I honeymooned on Maui and in Honolulu in 1976 when Barack, Jr. was in high school in Honolulu. Barack, Jr. was born on August 4, 1961 at the Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu. While looking at Google Earth, I just noted that Barack’s birthplace is only a short distance from the Punch Bowl which contains the grave of war correspondent Ernie Pyle. I remember visiting the Punch Bowl on my third visit to Hawaii in 1974 when Barack was 13.