Ambassador Romney?

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If Mitt were to decide to join the Obama administration, I think that he would make a good ambassador to the Cayman Islands, or to Switzerland. There he would be close to his money. Or like Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. before him, he could be ambassador to China although he does not speak the language. He could visit all the jobs that he has sent there.

His father George was a member of the Nixon cabinet during Nixon’s first term as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Although he criticized the idea during the campaign, Mitt could serve the country as our first Secretary of Business.


, member of the United States Senate.

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Orrin Hatch is running scared for re-election. He fears not being re-nominated by the GOP for his Senate office. The TEA Party wants him replaced and I would prefer Jon Huntsman, but I doubt that the GOP would nominate him. This week, Hatch started running TV commercials that promise he will work hard to see that Obamacare is repealed.

That started me thinking about why the GOP hate Obamacare. Have they started believing their own propaganda or is it that so many voters still believe their propaganda? Perhaps. Repeal of Obamacare would work against the interests and profits of the healthcare insurers and of the drug manufacturers. Both were promised millions of additional customers who would be funded mostly by taxpayer dollars. I think that the real reason Hatch and the GOP are against Obamacare is the name. If the name were changed to Free Market Capitalismcare, then they would be all for it. The GOP does not want President Obama to get credit for ANYTHING.

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Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race today and endorsed Mitt Romney. That was doubly disappointing. Huntsman’s voice was one of the few voices of sanity on the GOP side, and  the country would be better served if he were still voicing his true opinions. Now he says that Mitt is the most electable while before he claimed that Mitt could not defeat Barack. Both positions may be true; Mitt could be the most electable, but still lose big.

Battle of the juniors

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In the 2008 election, the candidates averaged a junior. It was Barack H. Obama 2 and Joe Biden 2 versus John McCain 3 and Sarah Palin the first. in 2012, it will Barack H. Obama, Jr. and Joe Biden, Jr. versus perhaps Jon Huntsman, Jr. If that is the case, Jon should select a junior as his running mate to maintain the junior average and a level playing field.

Yes I can

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How can I call myself a Republican when I support President Obama? I can call myself a Republican because the Republican Party has not offered a credible candidate in many years. I would consider voting Republican if the party nominated a credible candidate, such as Jon Huntsman.

I last voted for a Republican candidate in a presidential election in 1996 for Bob Dole and no one expected him to win. I would not and did not vote for George W. Bush. John McCain has more integrity than George W., but he was not the right man for these challenging times. For the sake of the country, the GOP should nominate a serious candidate in 2012.

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