John Cornyn and the undocumented

English: , member of the United States Senate....

English: , member of the United States Senate. Español: John Cornyn, un senador del Senado de los Estados Unidos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Cornyn, US Senator from Texas and elected in 2002, was on FOX News yesterday saying that he could not support immigration reform until the Federal government does its job and regains the confidence of the American people. He was referring to increased enforcement on our southern border. I expect that he won’t be satisfied until there is a human chain of border agents holding each others’ hands 24/7 along the 1900+ miles of the border. In Fact, the Obama administration has been deporting more of the undocumented than George W. Bush ever did.

It would be very interesting to see the statistics of how many and how long the undocumented have been living in the US. The GOP complain that some undocumented have been here 5, 10, 15 or more years. OK, let’s do the math. President Obama has been in office for four and a fraction years. Any undocumented alien here for five or more years came here before Barack was elected in November, 2008. Those who have been here for 5 to 12 years entered the US during GW Bush’s administration. Those who have been here for 13 to 20 years entered the US during the Clinton years. The Clinton years were more prosperous than the Bush years so more of the undocumented should have entered the US then.

Senator Cornyn, show us the numbers to back up your statements.