Alan Grayson

English: Official headshot of Rep. Alan Grayso...

English: Official headshot of Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Democrat from Florida Alan Grayson was a member of the House until he was defeated in 2010. Now he is back in the House beginning January, 2013. Welcome back, Congressman Grayson. Gone from the House will be Joe Walsh from Illinois and Allen West from Florida, both TEA Party favorites. You may recall Alan Grayson from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) debate when he described with charts the GOP plan. “Don’t get sick. If you do, die quickly.”

Alan, it good to have you back in Washington. We need more legislators like you.


English: Portrait of U.S. Representative Joe W...

English: Portrait of U.S. Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love coincidences. I think they add spice to life, and I like to collect them. Moments ago I opened my email and found two messages side by side and date stamped the exact same time. One message was from Joe Walsh and the other was from Sandra Fluke about Joe Walsh. Walsh’s message was a listing of his future campaign activities and a request for donations. Fluke’s message was a short history of her denial by the House committee for her testimony on women’s issues and a request for donations for Walsh’s opponent in November, Tammy Duckworth. Walsh was a member of the House committee that refused to hear Fluke’s testimony. Walsh recently told Sandra Fluke to get a job.

Please see GOP response

GOP response

The GOP response to anyone critical of their stated positions is usually, “Get a job, you dirty hippy.” Some protest GOP policies that have caused a job shortage, and some don’t dress for success during protests. GOP spokespeople seem to assume that those who dress for comfort haven’t bathed or laundered their clothing. It seems to be the usual criticism used on any and all occasions. After Sandra Fluke’s speech at the DNC on Wednesday, Joe Walsh told a small gathering in Addison, Illinois, that she should get a job. I am sure that she will or already has a job since she just graduated with her law degree in June.