Rand Paul part 3

The Tea Party Goes to Washington

The Tea Party Goes to Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The TEA Party Goes to Washington by Senator Rand Paul with Jack Hunter. The first thing that puzzled me about this book was that it was published in February, 2011, only three months after Rand Paul was elected to the US Senate. Either it was a hurry up job or was in the works long before the election. Most of the book is about Paul’s campaign, not about what he will do in Washington, which is to never compromise. In that, he is a firm supporter of former Senator, Jim DeMint.

I found the book to be full of misleading statements and criticism of current policies without cogent suggestions for meaningful change. Paul claims that the TEA Party is non-partisan, but who has ever heard of TEA Party Democrats? The only subject that I agree with Rand Paul is the need to reduce defense expenditures and stop trying to be the world’s policeman.

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Jim DeMint

Official photo of U.S. Senator .

Official photo of U.S. Senator . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now or Never, Saving America from Economic Collapse by Senator Jim DeMint. During a lifetime of reading, I have read thousands of books. Except for a handful of truly bad books, I have read all of them from cover to cover since I like to finish what I start. I tried to read Jim DeMint’s earlier book, Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism, but gave up halfway through. When DeMint announced that he was resigning from the US Senate to work for the Heritage Foundation, I decided to try again. Now or Never is no better and no worse than Saving Freedom. Both books are full of mistakes and misleading statements, many sourced from Heritage Foundation publications.

My favorite mistake in the book occurs on page 90 and again later in the book. DeMint is advocating a constitutional amendment, Cut, Cap and Balance, and in error he states that constitutional amendments must be passed by a two-thirds vote of Congress (correct) and approved by two-thirds of the states (wrong). Constitutional amendments must be approved by three-quarters or 38 of the states. For someone who worships the US Constitution, that is an embarrassing mistake, made not just once, but twice.

DeMint is completely against compromise. So it is probably best that is resigning from the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation. When he was elected, Ronald Reagan relied on a Heritage Foundation publication for guidance on policy. Thus we owe our present sad state of affairs to Reagan and the Heritage Foundation. Reagan’s drift to the right stopped in 2004 or before. The Heritage Foundation continues to evolve farther and farther to the right. If DeMint insists on defeating Democrats rather than working with them, I think that Democrats are justified in defeating both DeMint and Heritage.