1933 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norman Angel...

1933 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norman Angell on exhibit to the public at the Imperial War Museum, London, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can’t you see
The irony?
Three men of peace:
Opposed the Iraq war
Nobel Peace Prize winner-Obama
Three Purple Hearts in Vietnam-Kerry
Secretary of Defense-Hagel
Now support war in Syria.
Best defense is
A good offense.
Syria is not a game.
Lives are at stake.
Cheney‘s 1% doctrine,
Bad then, worse now,
No longer applicable.
We cannot decide Syria’s fate.
France tried and failed.
Only Syrians can rule Syria.

What if?

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska.

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Chuck Hagel, “The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have not resonated with this generation the way previous wars did with other generations–largely because most Americans are disconnected from the burden and sacrifices of these wars. Less than 1 percent of our population is carrying all the burden, making all the sacrifices, and doing all the fighting and dying in these wars. There is no draft–no direct link to these wars for the other 99 percent of our population.”

The 1% fighting our wars is not the same 1% as the top 1% of income earners in our economy. What if it were the same 1%? The most fortunate among us would be compelled by custom and law to be the 1% fighting our wars. I believe it would be a much more peaceful world. When Rome was in its twilight years as an empire, some of the sons of Rome’s most privileged citizens had the thumb on their sword hand amputated so that they could not wield a sword and fight for their country. Are we the majority of Americans still willing to shoulder our responsibility to defend the nation?

Change is

Change is poster

I received a mailing from the Obama campaign today. Change Is is the 2012 theme. The mailing I received is a life-size, black, white and blue portrait of Barack from the shoulders up. The bottom of the poster is a listing by date of his administration’s major accomplishments to include:

  1. Equal pay for equal work
  2. Saving the US auto industry
  3. Credit card reform
  4. Hate crimes prevention act
  5. Affordable care act (Obamacare)
  6. Student loan reform
  7. Wall Street reform
  8. Middle-class tax cuts
  9. Repeal of  “Don’t ask, don’t tell
  10. Raising fuel efficiency standards
  11. Ending Iraq war

I know that the GOP will belittle this list, but I think that it is a worthy list considering how difficult the GOP in Congress made his work.