Mitt Romney - Etch A Sketch - Savior of Detroit

Mitt Romney – Etch A Sketch – Savior of Detroit (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The lies of the Romney campaign fall under the category HOGWASH. If those lies were distributed evenly over the entire US, except Alaska and Hawaii, they would bury the country under an inch deep layer of lies. If Mitt‘s lies were localized to a single state such as the hog raising state of Iowa, they would be sufficient to give every hog in the state a bath every day for a year. And the end result would be the re-election of Barack Obama to another four-year term, and the cleanest pigs in the country.

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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Received a message from the desk of a Paul Ryan supporter. That desk sure could write. It labeled hecklers of Paul Ryan in Iowa as Democratic thugs. Why is it necessary to label people who disagree with you as thugs? Supposedly Paul Ryan represents the end of Barack Obama, but the writer did not specify which end.

Fools and tools

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Not all members of the media are fools

Not all fools are members of the media

However, too many fools in the media

Are tools of the one percent

Focused on polls, the foolish media members

Report not what is important for us to know

Report only what their masters allow us to know

They are the foolish tools of the one percent

They sell out for a mess of pottage and fleeting fame

The caucuses (polls) in Iowa selected NO delegates

A poll by any other name is still a poll

A poll treated as a horserace tells us little of value

The foolish tools of the one percent serve us not

They serve their masters in the corporate media

Who in turn bow to the ultra-rich in the one percent

The TRUE rulers of US democracy.

Please see Gresham’s law

Iowa polls

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What do the GOP Iowa polls mean with leading candidates rising and falling rapidly? As far as indicating a winner, they mean little. The voters are telling us that they are undecided. “None of the above” would probably win if that choice were available in the caucuses. As Barack Obama demonstrated in 2008, organization in Iowa is very important. Ron Paul has the best organization in Iowa with very committed volunteers. He is the likely winner.